car going through car wash

Automatic vs DIY Car Washes

Taking good care of your car means keeping it clean. To keep your car in the best possible shape, you should wash it regularly. Washing gets dirt and debris out of the frame and keeps the paint job looking spiffy, which will help maintain its value. However, there’s always the debate whether it is better … Continue reading "Automatic vs DIY Car Washes"
Five Reasons to Consider a Wash Club Membership

Five Reasons to Consider a Wash Club Membership

There are plenty of reasons to consistently wash your car. Weekly washes keep your vehicle looking clean and amazing. They’re also necessary to maintain your car’s long-term health. Removing debris, dust, and dirt from your frame, wheels, and the windshield will help make sure your car stays in top shape. And the best way to … Continue reading "Five Reasons to Consider a Wash Club Membership"
keeping a car's wheels maintained

Keeping a Car’s Wheels Maintained

Keeping your car wheels maintained isn’t just about vanity, it is important to the integrity and longevity of the tires. At Flagstop Car Wash, we know all about what it takes to keep your wheels shining and functioning their best. Let’s learn about the ways Flagstop Car Wash can help you with the essential care … Continue reading "Keeping a Car’s Wheels Maintained"
what vehicles can't go through a car wash

What Vehicles Can’t Go Through a Car Wash

In the past, most would never think twice about taking their vehicles through a car wash. This is just something that people do. With modern technology though, it isn’t a good idea to assume that your car will be fine with an automatic car washing system. At Flagstop Car Wash, we want to ensure that … Continue reading "What Vehicles Can’t Go Through a Car Wash"
how to properly clean car windows

How to Properly Clean Car Windows

Keeping your vehicle’s windows clean has many benefits. Visibility is greatly reduced when windows are dirty and it increases the risk of glare. Your defroster works better with a clean window, allowing it to quickly clear off condensation or ‘fog’ that sticks more easily to a dirty windshield surface. The proper items will make the … Continue reading "How to Properly Clean Car Windows"