Driving a clean vehicle makes travel time more comfortable, and keeping it clean can help a car hold its value. Safety is also compromised when a vehicle remains dirty. A dirty windshield can even impair visibility.

When your car needs a wash, you have a couple of options. You can make time and find all the supplies you need to DIY, or you can take your vehicle through a car wash. There’s an even better option that allows unlimited washes at your convenience.

Unlimited washes for one low monthly price. What’s not to love? Your vehicle is exposed to a lot of dirt on the road so it’s important to keep it clean. Letting grime build up can damage the paint and make it more vulnerable to rust. With a car wash membership, you’ll have the convenience and peace of mind that you’re doing the best thing possible to protect your automobile all while making it look its best.

Saves time and money. Washing a vehicle regularly is time-consuming. Depending on the weather, it can be a huge inconvenience. The easiest way to keep your car clean is to sign up for our RVA Wash Club membership at Flagstop Car Wash. Once you join, all you need to do is take your vehicle to any of our convenient locations as often as you want and run it through. Saving time and money is a no-brainer!

No need to stop and pay. Once you become a member of the RVA Wash Club you’ll have a small, discreet sticker applied to the top edge of your windshield. This will automatically allow access to drive up, sit back and relax as the machines do the rest. Our friendly on-site staff is on hand to answer any questions.

Did you know that joining a wash club is noncommittal? As great as this service is, sometimes life changes might affect your need for wash club benefits. Signing up is easy and putting the account “on pause” is easy too. Maybe you’re relocating or traveling for work often and won’t be in a position to utilize the benefits. That’s ok! You can cancel anytime. No joining fees, no contract, and no pressure—except our high-pressure wash, that is! We even made it more convenient for you to sign up and manage your account at Flagstop Car Wash, with our Flagstop Car Wash app .

Why be limited or inconvenienced when your car is due for a cleaning? A car wash membership can give you and your car just what you need to make keeping it clean a breeze.

Flagstop Car Wash has many convenient locations throughout Virginia and we know the value of happy customers. We’ve been at it a long time and we want you to check us out—if you haven’t already. At Flagstop, all of our washes include the latest state-of-the-art equipment to give your vehicle an effective and environmentally friendly wash. We offer a kiosk stocked with all you’ll need for the finishing touches, such as interior cleaners, towels, and more. For a full list of locations with more opening soon, visit our website.

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