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How to Get Rid Of Tough Stains in Your Car’s Interior

There are two types of car owners: those that won’t let any food or drinks anywhere near their car, especially the interior, and those that don’t mind a few crumbs. In either case, accidents do happen and it is possible to clean your car’s interior well enough that it won’t cause a permanent stain. It’s … Continue reading "How to Get Rid Of Tough Stains in Your Car’s Interior"
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How to Clean Aluminum Wheels

Aluminum is a popular material for car wheels because it can shine like chrome when it is properly treated. Aluminum is a softer metal than steel (which is the other material common in vehicle wheels) so it is considerably easier to clean and responds well to polishing. This metal is also considered to be far … Continue reading "How to Clean Aluminum Wheels"
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Cleaning Checklist for Uber/Lyft Drivers

As a rideshare driver, it is beneficial in all sorts of ways to keep your vehicle clean. This may mean a daily wipedown of the seat, or weekly trips to the car wash with interior cleaning services. Keeping your rideshare vehicle clean will help keep it germ-free, odor-free, and ensure that your passengers feel safe … Continue reading "Cleaning Checklist for Uber/Lyft Drivers"

Washing Your Car When You Don’t Drive is Important

With more people working from home, there is generally less daily travel. With less traveling on a daily basis it is true that your vehicle will pick up less road debris, yet you may be surprised how much dirt and grime can still accumulate on a vehicle. As your car sits in your driveway or … Continue reading "Washing Your Car When You Don’t Drive is Important"

As The Seasons Change So Do The Needs of Your Vehicle

When it comes to keeping it clean, the needs of your vehicle change every season. Spring and winter are the two seasons that you will end up washing your car the most. Each time the weather changes, that brings up a new variety of natural debris that affects your car – in the spring, that’s … Continue reading "As The Seasons Change So Do The Needs of Your Vehicle"