Depending on your driving habits and the environmental conditions where you drive most often, your car can get dirty surprisingly fast. Since vehicles are a huge investment keeping them clean is understandably at the top of the “to-do list”.

Some drivers find it necessary to wash their cars monthly while others wash them once a week. The question may arise when taking care of this task: how do you know when to wash your vehicle? Again, this varies depending on individual needs, but there are some basic recommendations.

As a general rule of thumb, you should wash your vehicle every two weeks, but if you drive a lot, weekly may be the better option. Keep in mind that driving conditions will vastly change how much time you can let pass between washes without affecting your car’s integrity.

If any of these noted conditions apply, your car will need more frequent washes:

  • Driving often on dirt roads. Traveling on dusty or dirt roads can take a toll on the exterior of your car. As you drive through loose dirt it gets in the air and on your car’s surface, and can also negatively affect the undercarriage of your vehicle. Washing any loose dirt off promptly will help to reduce the risk of rust or other corrosion.
  • Winter driving conditions or frequent trips to the beach. During winter weather, salt and other chemical treatments are often applied to the roads for safety. Unfortunately, this safety precaution can damage the undercarriage of your car if it sits for too long, resulting in rust. Salt from ocean water and sand near coastal areas can have a similar effect. Salt should be washed off of vehicles as soon as possible.
  • Rainy weather. During heavy rain events puddles on roads occur, and it usually isn’t just water sitting in those puddles. Motor oil and other fluids can be present. It is vital to wash your car after rainy weather to remove the germs and dirt that accumulate.

The importance of washing underneath your car cannot be overstated, especially if any of the above-listed situations apply to you. Grime and other residue from roadways wreak havoc on the undercarriage, so it should be washed promptly.

Adverse effects of neglecting to wash your vehicle

Reduced visibility can occur if grime and pollen sit on your windshield without being washed off swiftly. Debris can cause scratches to your auto glass as it accumulates. Making sure to wash off any dirt on your windows will help to reduce the risk of damage. Keeping your washer fluid topped off will help to keep windshields clear during the time in between car washes.

Rust and corrosion are huge threats to any vehicle that isn’t washed regularly. Once the surface is exposed to grime and holds moisture, rust can begin to take place. Once rust starts on any area of a car, it will spread quickly and can be expensive to resolve.

A vehicle’s paint can fade and chip over time as dirt accumulates on the surface. You may notice a lighter color in areas where the clearcoat is compromised. Using a quality car wash that includes a clear coat protectant will go a long way to keep it looking its best over the years.

Premium car wash in Virginia offers many amenities

Flagstop Car Wash offers convenient locations and all the extras you need to keep your car looking good and protected from the elements. All of our wash options include a polishing foam and clear coat protectant along with state-of-the-art wash stations.

The inside of your car should also be taken care of to keep it looking and smelling good for years to come. We know the importance of keeping your car clean inside and out. This is why we offer free vacuums and floor mat cleaners, amongst other amenities including unlimited washes with our RVA Wash Club. Stop by any of our locations or visit us online to get started.

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