How Often Should I Wash My Car in the Winter?

While you should always keep your car clean and maintained throughout the seasons, it is especially important to wash your vehicle in the winter. Whether you live in the city or drive through the elements, salt, dirt, dust, and even dry leaves can affect the well-being of your car. It’s best not to allow dirt … Continue reading "How Often Should I Wash My Car in the Winter?"
The Best Time to Wash Your Car

The Best Time to Wash Your Car

While many people know how to wash their car, the most efficient time to do so often goes unnoted. There is a common misconception that all car washes should occur around midday during the summer months, however, this is wrong and here’s why. Why Wash Your Car Firstly, it is important to cover the basics … Continue reading "The Best Time to Wash Your Car"
Man leaning out of car to select a car wash

The Benefits of Joining Our Wash Club

You’ve seen the signs, heard the offers, read the articles, and maybe even considered joining, but there’s still that main question stopping you, “How does the RVA Wash Club benefit me?” To help you make a decision, we broke down exactly what our Wash Club offers and how it will benefit you and your car. … Continue reading "The Benefits of Joining Our Wash Club"

How to Clean the Inside of Your Car’s Dashboard

  When the trash begins to pile up and your console is getting sticky, it’s about that time to clean the interior of your car. After everything has been wiped down, cleared out, and vacuumed, you may find that your car still isn’t looking as nice as you expected. To give your car what it … Continue reading "How to Clean the Inside of Your Car’s Dashboard"
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Should I Wash My Car Today?

Right now, you’re probably looking over a not-so-dirty car wondering if you should wash your car today. It’s a fair question. As a car wash company ourselves, we certainly would say that any day is a good day to get your car wash. For our RVA Wash Club members, who have access to unlimited car washes … Continue reading "Should I Wash My Car Today?"