Most car owners have a constant internal debate when deciding whether to wash the car themselves or take it to an automatic car wash. Each method of cleaning your vehicle has its negatives and positives. You also don’t have to do it only one way all the time. As long as you’re keeping your car clean, both methods work.

It’s necessary to clean your car a few times every season to remove everything from salt, sludge, oil, rocks, gravel, dust, and dirt. All this grime sticks to your paint job and can mar your wheels and even mess with the internal mechanics of your car. Rocks and gravel can get inside through the undercarriage, and failing to remove tree sap or bird excrement can eat away at the paint. This type of damage takes away from the resale value.

The most important thing about the vehicle wash method you choose is that it should be thorough! You want water pressure strong enough to flush out the wheels and undercarriage. You’ll also require the proper soap or tools to scrub away sticky substances without damaging the car’s appearance. Many articles boast about the benefits of DIY car washes, but we’ve laid out three simple and easy benefits to taking your vehicle to a reputable automatic shop.

Reason 1: It’s Simple, Easy, and Requires Minimal Effort

If your car is dirty and you have 15 spare minutes, you may as well take it through the automatic wash. There’s nothing wrong with taking a shortcut for your convenience. While it may cost you $10-$20 depending on the services, consider that washing it yourself will take a few hours – and time is money! If you live near a car wash, that makes it even easier. Plus, the cleaning supplies and water bill can add up. If you have an expensive, new, or high-maintenance vehicle, you may have to shell out for better cleaning products to ensure you don’t damage your car.

It’s no secret most people are tired, and between work, family, and daily errands, it’s challenging to find the time in the day for vehicle maintenance. And let’s face it, not everyone loves the task of cleaning. Washing a car yourself is not always for the faint of heart, as you’ll be scrubbing away mud, dirt, and who knows what else you’ve picked up while on the road.

Reason 2: Automatic Washes are Safe and Thorough

The most significant benefit, other than simple convenience, is that an automatic car wash will do a better job cleaning your car than you can. The automatic car wash has been designed to be technically efficient. Your vehicle will go through an entire process that will soak the coat in the proper soap, scrub it using bristles that can reach the crevices, and be wholly flushed out with water pressure that effectively gets off the dirt.

It’s safe, and you can bring nearly any type of vehicle to the automatic car wash. There will also be options to vacuum the inside, clean the windshields and mirrors properly and other services that will keep your car feeling brand new.

Reason 3: Environmentally Friendly

You may think that the DIY method would be a more environmentally conscious way of doing things. Actually, automatic car washes are set up to be more economical and waste less water. Washing your car at home involves using various cleaning chemicals that get washed out into the street, lawn, and sewer and make their way into the environment – which is not great. On the other hand, automatic car washes have a system to dispose of soaps and chemicals safely and recycle water, which ends up being far less wasteful.

If you require a local car wash, check out Flagstop Car Wash, with 13 convenient locations around the Richmond, VA area.

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