Automated car washes rely on their machines to thoroughly and safely clean vehicles. The use of sensors keeps the machines from having any damaging impact. The high tech mechanics of these systems are tested and maintained.

Now, you’ve probably noticed, car washes have a sign up advising you to follow certain instructions as you take your vehicle through the wash. These basic tips will go a long way to keep your car protected from any damage. Following these tips allows the machines to work effectively and safely.

You may see a notice posted at your local wash with tips to remind you to keep wipers off and windows up as you move through the process, or to take your hands off the wheel and leave your vehicle in neutral. It also may be suggested that you retract any extended antenna or extended mirror, though the machines are equipped to accommodate small cars, SUVs and large pickup trucks, but if there are any questions about guidelines not posted an attendant will answer those for you.

If you adhere to all the suggestions posted by the car wash and take the recommended precautions discussed here there’s really no reason to worry about the possibility of damage.

Any quality car wash keeps their machines well maintained to keep them functioning as they should, resulting in a satisfying and safe car wash experience. There isn’t much you’ll need to remember. It’s typically a very brief list and just a few vital guidelines you’ll need to follow. These are put in place to protect you and your vehicle. As long as you follow them your car wash experience should only result in a clean and shiny vehicle.

So you’ve followed all guidelines yet still are concerned and see that damage has occurred? Here’s what to do.

What To Do If Damage Occurs

If any damage is noticed after going through the automated wash, and that damage wasn’t there previously, you should immediately notify the wash attendant on duty. They will direct you further.

All professional automated washes have insurance coverage to protect them and their customers. Often when damage occurs at automated washes it is due to not adhering to the attendant’s instructions.

No matter what if one of our customers has a negative experience we want to hear about it. We take customer satisfaction very seriously here at Flagstop Car Wash. Our attendant’s on duty are here to serve you and make sure you have the best car wash experience possible. We guarantee satisfaction and we accept any liability for damage if our machines were the cause. Keeping your vehicle clean and in it’s best condition is important to you and it’s also important to us.

Stop by one of our locations or visit us online to find out more and check out our RVA Wash Club, you can get unlimited washes all for one monthly fee.

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