It’s no secret that car mechanics are at the most advanced stage they’ve ever been, and that includes your car’s paint coat. However, if you don’t treat your car’s exterior with the consideration it deserves, it will become damaged and lower your car’s overall value. This means washing your car often – and for most people, this means running it through a car wash drive-through. 

Most people wonder if it’s worth the money to go through an automated car wash or even if the car wash will be high-quality. Here’s how to tell if an automatic car wash gives your car the care it needs.

What is a Quality Car Wash?

It seems like nothing can hurt the shiny new paint job on a recently-made automobile, but sap, dirt, salt, and weather corrosion can affect your vehicle. It’s vital that whatever wash you give it, it’s thorough. When you’re deciding to use a particular service, signs of a good car wash include friendly staff, good technology, a variety of options, fair pricing, and environmental friendliness.

High-Quality Car Wash Technology

The methods of washing a car’s exterior have changed over the decades to incorporate the latest research and accommodate newer cars. Touch car washes use a conveyer belt to move the vehicle through several cleaning processes. Usually starting with a spray of water and soap, the car’s exterior at all Flagstop Car Wash locations gets cleaned using the latest in Soft Touch Closed Cell Foam Technology. Some car owners are nervous that these materials may mar a car’s surface, but when materials are new and kept well as we keep them at Flagstop, they’re gentle on any paint job and won’t leave scratches or marks – the sign of a quality car wash.

Friendly Staff

An essential part of any business is its customer service. Friendly and knowledgeable staff is vital to the experience. Not only should the team be ready to help, but they should also be able to answer any questions you have about services or the soap or technology used during the wash. 

Variety of Options

A quality car wash will have more than just varieties of basic wash packages. Services like a self-wash or DIY station, options for cleaning liquids, and the ability to choose which services your car needs will give you a better overall experience.

Fair Pricing

Getting your car cleaned regularly shouldn’t be gouging, and plenty of places charge far too much for essential services. A quality car wash will have options and still allow you to get the best bang for your buck. At Flagstop Car Wash, we offer the RVA Wash Club membership, enabling unlimited washes with a simple monthly bill. 

Environmentally Friendly

Many people don’t know that automatic car washes are better for the environment than washing them yourself in your home. When you do that, the chemicals and cleaners you use for your car can spill out into the street, damaging wildlife and making their way into the water system. The water is recycled and properly disposed of at an automatic car wash, so you don’t have to worry about your footprint. 

If you need a high-quality car wash covering all these bases and more, it comes to Flagstop Car Wash. We have 11 convenient locations around the Richmond area, and our staff is ready to help you at any time. 

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