Hoods and windshields of three yellow cars side by side

Washing Your Car After Richmond’s Pollen Season

For residents in Richmond and surrounding areas, a heavy pollen season is no foreign concept. Richmond has made it to the top of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America’s list of “Spring Allergy Capitals” for two years in a row. While we’ve been bumped down from spot #2 on the list, being #10 still … Continue reading "Washing Your Car After Richmond’s Pollen Season"
pollen on the surface of a black car that looks green because of how much pollen is on the car. It needs a car wash.

Do I Need to Wash Pollen Off My Car?

Spring is ramping up and, as anyone with allergies knows, that means pollen. As pretty as flowers look when they bloom with the warmer months, your car can become coated with yellow dust and require a trip to your local car wash. But as you get in your car and go to the car wash, … Continue reading "Do I Need to Wash Pollen Off My Car?"
Defrosting your car's Windshield with an Anti Ice Spray

How to Quickly Defrost Your Windshield in the Winter

A frosted windshield when you are running late can be a frustrating combination of shivering, scraping, and waiting for the car to heat up. But no sooner do you get the ice off of the car and you have another issue to deal with, fogged up windows. In September, we talked about preparing your car … Continue reading "How to Quickly Defrost Your Windshield in the Winter"
winter car driving through the snow

Don’t Be Salty About Winter Car Corrosion

Putting salt down on the roads immediately after a snowfall is necessary to keep everyone safe. These chemicals on our roadways are specifically designed to dissolve into snow and ice, lowering the water’s freezing point to keep it in a state that isn’t as slippery. Mixing sand with the salt is also helpful to improve … Continue reading "Don’t Be Salty About Winter Car Corrosion"
young boy power washing a black car in his driveway instead of going to a local car wash

Don’t Try This at Home: Why Not to Wash Your Car in the Driveway

A DIY attitude can help you go green in many of your everyday choices. When you choose to reuse a plastic container instead of tossing in the garbage, you get a second life out of it. Instead of taking up space in a landfill, upcycling can save you money while being safer for the environment. … Continue reading "Don’t Try This at Home: Why Not to Wash Your Car in the Driveway"