Most people have used a car wash in their lifetime, and many enjoy driving through the processes in their cars. Nozzles, sprays, bubbles, driers – a car wash is made up of several different sections, alternating to create the best possible results. Every piece in a car wash has a purpose and a function, making it the most effective way to get your car squeaky clean. This process is referred to as a conveyor wash, as the motorized belt will allow you to sit and relax while it takes you through the wash and rinse cycles. Here’s a little more about what each part of a car wash does. 

Conveyor Belt

The first thing you’ll notice is the actual conveyor you place your car on. When you get on, you put your car in neutral and let the conveyor belt do the work. It’ll take you through each step of the car washing process. A well-maintained conveyor ensures a smooth experience for our customers, every time. 

Pre-Soak Nozzles

The first thing that’ll happen after the conveyor belt enters the automated car wash is that your car’s presence will trigger the system that works in steps to clean your car. You’ll notice water and special car-cleaning chemicals being sprayed at your car. This is known as the pre-soak. The solution used for this is a special compound that helps to loosen dirt, dust, and other substances covering your vehicle. It wets the car and prepares it for more intense scrubbing and bubbly soaps, contributing to the overall cleanliness. 

Tire Applicators and Nozzles

As you go through the pre-soak or the wash, you may notice that there are nozzles both above and below. The lower set of nozzles is there to tackle the dirt and grime that is built up in your tires. Tire maintenance is vital, and too much dirt and debris in your tires may end up doing serious functional damage to your vehicle. It also affects your safety, which is why high-pressure nozzles are there to blast away even the most difficult, stuck-on grime. These nozzles also spray a slightly different solution, one that is specifically meant to dissolve brake dust and brighten the look of your tires. Sometimes the bottom nozzles are also known as the undercarriage wash part of the car wash. 

Mitter Curtain

You can usually picture the curtain in the car wash – long strips of fabric that are designed to rub the soap in and loosen dirt and grime as a series of mechanisms pulls them back and forth. 

Foam Applicators and Deep Cleaning Products

After a pre-rinse and scrub from the curtains, you get to the intense soap-down. The car wash sprays your car with a deep-cleaning foam that penetrates filth and muck and is guaranteed to remove any difficult substances from the exterior. As your car gets the foamy wash, you’ll also notice large scrubbers doing their job alongside. The combination of this particular soap and wash will leave your car looking like new once it is rinsed and dried. 

Professional Car Wash Services

While DIY washing is definitely a choice for some people, the best way to keep your car clean and maintained is to take it down to Flagstop Car Wash, with a growing list of convenient locations around Central VA. Each part of our wash has a specific purpose and order to make sure that you get the best clean possible. Most of our locations also have vacuums and self-cleaning stations, so that you can keep your car clean inside and out. 

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