When your car is dirty and you’re trying to decide which method of washing is best it really depends on a few factors. Since automatic car washes are very safe, thorough and widely available it makes sense to use these services, especially if you’re crunched for time or physically unable to scrub your vehicle by hand. Here’s 5 major differences and a little more detail about them. 

1. Time, Time, Time

Time is an obvious advantage of going to an automatic car wash. When you are in a hurry and can’t afford to take the time out of your busy day to wash your vehicle by hand, time is a huge factor. Depending on how thorough you are, washing your vehicle could take at least an hour to complete and that’s not even including the time to get all your supplies together. On the contrary, an automatic car wash can be done in just a few minutes and then you can be on your way. 

2. Convenience

Having access to an automatic car wash will certainly be a huge convenience especially in inclement weather. We all know the importance of keeping our vehicles clean even during the winter.  All the winter road grime really needs to be washed off on a regular basis. When it’s a nice spring or autumn day hand washing your vehicle outdoors might not be a big deal, but no one wants to stand in the pouring rain or harsh winter weather while washing the grime off their car. 

3. Effectiveness

Washing by hand and automatic car washes are both actually effective, but hand washing a car is only as thorough as the individual doing the work. Most people take their time to thoroughly wash their vehicle, yet it’s easy to overlook an area or not put as much “elbow grease” into a section of it as is needed. You may be surprised to know that automatic car washes can actually be more effective. The use of high-powered water and detergents made especially for tackling tough, stuck-on dirt, along with the large machine powered brushes can actually reach areas you might otherwise miss. 

4. Environmental impact

The environmental impacts of handwashing versus using an automatic wash are worth mentioning. When most people wash their vehicles they don’t realize how much water they’re using. Automatic car washes are typically more environmentally friendly as they use a measured amount of water and only enough detergents to do a thorough job, so the waste is minimal and so is the environmental impact.

5. Affordability

It’s not too expensive to handwash your own vehicle as long as you already have all the supplies you need. An automatic car wash is very affordable too. At Flagstop Car Wash our RVA Wash Club gives you the affordability and convenience to get a high quality wash all for one low monthly cost that can fit into any budget. With convenient hours and locations, as well as free vacuums and other services, you’ll have access to all you’ll need to get the job done. 

Keep your car clean throughout the year with regular visits to Flagstop Car Wash. With our clean, friendly services, we will help keep your car looking good year-round. 

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