Springtime often brings more severe conditions which can be better met with just a little preparation. What steps can you take to be sure it’s ready? Here are a few checklist items to consider:

  1. Pollen is a big problem in the spring. As the trees begin to bloom pollen counts start to go up drastically. No matter where you park, your car will accumulate a large amount on its surface as springtime progresses. If allergies are an issue for you, keeping pollen off your vehicle is vital for your health. The less that is allowed to accumulate the less you’ll be exposed to as you drive. Regular washes will help keep it clean and free of pollen through the warmer months.
  2. Bugs and bird droppings are a big problem too in the spring. Birds and bugs are more active in the spring and your vehicle will pay the price unless you are proactive. Allowing bird droppings and bugs to sit too long on your exterior can actually have a negative impact on a vehicle’s paint.  Regular washes will help to keep your car looking its best and free of build-up from these elements that can’t be completely avoided. A good wax on your vehicle will also help to protect your vehicle’s exterior. 
  3. Maintenance is very important during the entire year, but especially as the spring weather comes. More people will be traveling and more severe storms are common during the spring, so keeping your vehicle maintained will go a long way to keep travel safe as can be. Make spring a time to check your fluids in your car, including washer fluid, so you can keep the window clear of pollen and other debris. There’s a good chance winter’s extreme conditions have exhausted the reservoir so plan on topping it off. Check tire pressure and be aware of any unusual wear on your tires, it may be time for a rotation. Winter can be particularly harsh on certain vehicle parts too, especially rubber components such as wiper blades. Early spring is a good time to check and replace them if necessary. 
  4. Spring often means vacation time for many. If you’re traveling in your car you want it to be comfy and clean. A good interior cleaning, vacuuming and a freshen up detail is always a great idea to improve your vacation travel time. At Flagstop we offer free vacuuming and other DIY detail services, as well as a full supply of vending machines with all the products you’ll need to keep your car clean. 

Consider a membership for unlimited car washes at any of our convenient locations. Flagstop Car Wash offers unlimited washes at one budget-friendly monthly price with our popular RVA Wash Club. We offer many convenient locations throughout Virginia and all the products you’ll ever need to keep it clean inside and out. We look forward to helping you keep your car looking its best throughout all the seasons. 

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