Some elements are unavoidable and can adversely affect vehicles. Pollen is a natural occurrence as seasons change and flowers and trees begin to bloom. When pollen is in the air it will find its way into vehicles and onto the exterior surface. A small dusting on cars that is washed away regularly is nothing to be alarmed about.

There is a risk to your vehicle’s paint, as well as a health risk to drivers and passengers if pollen accumulates. We have compiled a list of dos and don’ts to help you and your car during pollen season.

Don’t Delay Prepping for Pollen Season

Maintaining your vehicle inside and out during pollen season is essential but there are also some pre-season pollen prevention tasks to consider. Set a regular car wash schedule that works for you to keep up with routine cleanings. A good thorough pre-season cleaning will help give your car a fresh start as pollen season begins. Once clean you’ll be able to monitor any pollen build-up. A good coat of quality wax and wheel cleaner will provide your vehicle with a barrier as the spring pollen season approaches. Our premium car wash locations provide convenient, friendly service and all the tools you’ll need to keep your vehicle clean during any season.

Don’t Forget to Clean Interior and Check Under the Hood

Since pollen travels through the air and can remain almost invisible until you see layers of it sitting on surfaces, it’s important to clean the interior. Pollen can travel into cars through air vents and via open windows or doors. Allergy sufferers may notice the presence of pollen before seeing it. Itchy eyes and sneezing can be warning signs that pollen is in the air and inside your vehicle. Taking time to thoroughly wipe down your interior surfaces and vacuum the interior can significantly reduce your exposure to pollen.

It’s advisable to check under the hood to ensure your cabin filter and air filter are in good shape and not accumulating excess pollen. Replacing or cleaning these components can help make sure the air you breathe while in your vehicle is as clean as possible.

Do Clean Pollen Off Your Car Quickly

The longer you allow any buildup to sit on your vehicle the likelihood of damage to your exterior increases. Pollen can be just as detrimental to your vehicle’s surface as any other debris, as the acidity in some pollen can cause oxidation and stain the exterior. Once this occurs, cleaning it off and getting the paint back to its original quality can be difficult. It’s much easier to maintain that pristine exterior of your car if you keep it washed regularly by using the convenient services of a professional car wash.

Do Wash Your Vehicle Often to Prevent Excess Build-up

You may wonder how often you should consider washing pollen off as it can accumulate quickly during heavy pollen season. There’s no such thing as too often if you notice pollen or dirt buildup. Our state-of-the-art car wash provides a gentle yet thorough cleaning for your vehicle and we offer the RVA Wash Club allowing you to wash your car as often as you like. With no commitment and the option to cancel or pause your account at any time.

Do Consider Becoming One of Our Satisfied Customers

Keeping vehicles clean inside and out is vital, and it’s not just a visual concern but also mechanical as pollen can negatively affect many aspects of your car. At Flagstop Car Wash, we make it easy to keep your vehicle clean.

Our RVA Wash Club is a popular choice for our satisfied customers. Contact us at (804) 782-9274 or visit us online to sign up and find out why our customers are smiling about all the great benefits of joining.

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