How often do you find yourself washing your vehicle? Not everyone has time to keep their vehicle spotless, but there’s an easy and affordable way to get your car washed as often as you want. With 14 locations and our RVA Wash Club membership, you can run your car through the wash at any time for one low monthly price.

Our RVA Wash Club members enjoy a ton of benefits. Here’s why you should sign up for our membership, and keep your car in the best shape you can.

Wash Your Car More Often, Keep it Safe

Ensuring that your vehicle stays clean and maintained is crucial to its longevity and drivability. While it seems like washing your car is just vanity—although there’s nothing wrong with keeping your new and prized investments clean—dirt, dust, debris, rocks, and other garbage can actually affect your safety. Rocks can get caught in the undercarriage and scratch up the metal, or even make their way into the machinery. Branches, pebbles, and dried leaves stuck in your windshield can cause scratches on the glass, which is costly and may impede your ability to see on the road. In fact, your windshield definitely needs periodic cleanings!

Keep the Paint Job Flawless

Sap, pollen, insects, and bird poop are all enemies of car paint. Though today’s car paint is made with the absolute best technology and is hard to rust and ruin, it can still be damaged. Insects, feces, and other sticky matter left on your car by nature are acidic and can eat away at your paint if left for a long period of time. Once the exterior starts to deteriorate, it will continue to become dilapidated if not cared for properly. In the winter, salt can corrode your undercarriage or cause paint to rust. This hurts the resale value if you plan on selling your car in a few years.

Save Time & Money

Our monthly membership is just $24.99 per vehicle, and as long as your car has the tag attached, any family member can bring the car in at any point to get washed. You can drive the car as much as you want through the dirt and slush in the winter, or not be shy to take the car off-roading if you’ve got the option to simply pop by the local car wash and get that mess cleaned up!

Our North Chesterfield and Chester locations offer a 24-hour in-bay automatic wash, so no matter the time of day, you can bring your car in. Find the products you need in our vending machine and vacuums for interior cleaning.

Automatic Car Washes are Greener

Automatic car washes, like Flagstop’s, adhere to state and federal EPA laws, recycling the water and disposing of it in a safe manner. All the cleaners and chemicals used to wash cars are contained and even if you come in frequently, it’ll use less water than you would doing it at home with the hose. Plus, when you wash your car at home, all of the soap and cleaners you use run off into the street and sewers, which is not great for the local ecosystem so accessing a car wash is more environmentally friendly.

You can sign up for the Flagstop Car Wash RVA Wash Club Membership online or in person at any of our locations.

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