Some cars need a little maintenance in between washes and not everyone is prepared with the necessary supplies and essential items. The interior and exterior require different tools to effectively get it clean, so we are sharing some must have items to keep your car looking its best in between trips to the car wash

For The Interior

A vehicle’s interior can get just as grimy as the exterior, especially if you travel often with pets or children. Depending on the type of material your seats are made of, spilled liquid or food can leave stains so cleaning and protecting it is vital.

  • Cleaning solvents and cloth made for fabric or leather are important items to keep on hand. If there is a spill or other mess you’ll want to clean it immediately to avoid damage. Waiting until you can get to a car wash can make it more difficult to remove and lead to staining.
  • Visibility is important when it comes to driving, so clean auto glass is essential. Did you know that it is easier to defog or defrost a windshield when it’s clean? When there’s a buildup of residue on auto glass it creates a barrier between your window wash fluid and the glass and makes the wipers work harder. Keeping a quality glass cleaner and a clean cloth handy is key. Always be sure the cloth hasn’t been used with other products that could leave a residue on the glass.

For The Exterior

During everyday driving your car’s exterior accumulates a surprising amount of grime. Anything that is on the roadways will likely affect the exterior and depending on what substance it is, whether it’s salt or other chemicals used on roads, it can result in damaged paint and even rust.

Keeping the exterior clean is important. Even if you don’t notice a lot of dirt it could still be there especially if you’ve recently driven in inclement weather, and it should be removed as soon as possible.

  • A bucket and wash rags or sponges that are made for vehicles along with car wash soap are the best DIY items to have on hand for exterior cleaning. Some household liquid soaps have a harsh detergent that’s harmful to the clear coat and paint so using one made specifically for vehicles is key. A hose with a spray nozzle to pre-spray the exterior is a good idea too. Loosening dirt before washing helps to avoid scratches.
  • Don’t forget your tires and rims! Depending on what type of wheels you have whether they are polished chrome or painted metal you’ll want to have a quality wheel cleaner/polish to make your tires look their best. Tire cleaner can also help prevent tires from prematurely cracking as they’re exposed to the elements on roadways.

With busy work schedules and limited time on weekends, we know it can be a challenge to find the time to keep your vehicle looking its best. The weather doesn’t always cooperate making it difficult to keep up with washing and waxing your vehicle. Stop by or check us out online—Flagstop Car Wash has convenient wash stations throughout central Virginia and we make it easy to keep your car clean.

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