You always strive to keep your vehicle looking its best. Whether it’s a brand-new car or an older vehicle, it’s important to prevent rust and maintain a shiny finish. Rust is not only unsightly but can also be hazardous to your vehicle’s stability. Once a vehicle starts to rust it can start impacting the structure of a vehicle depending on where the rust is located.

Routine driving results in vehicles accumulating a surprising amount of dirt and road grime. You may not even notice most of it as it builds up on your vehicle’s surface and underneath the vehicle. A build-up of dirt and grime can impact your car’s functionality and resale value in the long run, so it’s important to be aware of the negative impact of accumulating dirt and rust on your vehicle and prevent it.

Fortunately, there are some simple and cost-effective steps to avoid rust and keep your vehicle from looking dull and grimey.

1. Regular Washing and Waxing

This is undoubtedly the most important thing you can do to keep a vehicle looking shiny and prevent rust. If dirt sits on the paint and isn’t washed off over time it can cause problems. Driving on salt-treated roads or in sand or mud can negatively affect your car’s surface, especially the undercarriage. Dirt and grime affect the clear coat and the paint on your car, making it easier for moisture and eventually rust to penetrate those protective layers. A routine of washing and waxing will remove dirt and add an extra layer of protection to keep the surfaces clean.

2. Touch-up Chips and Deep Scratches

Depending on where you drive, chipped paint is practically unavoidable. They may be hardly noticeable depending on location, but they can result in big problems. Once a vehicle’s paint has a chip in it, it loses its ability to protect the metal underneath that area, resulting in the potential for rust. If you notice a chip or scratch, it’s worth considering getting it repaired to keep your paint and vehicle looking its best and for long-lasting rust prevention. 

3. Invest in a Quality Car Cover or Carport

If you have a garage and have space to keep a vehicle in it, that is the ideal option to protect it from the elements. If you don’t have a garage, a car cover or covered carport to park under will also help. The important thing to remember is a vehicle kept outside exposed to the weather is more vulnerable to building up dirt and more vulnerable to the negative effects of rust, which is why routine maintenance and washing is important.

Keeping a vehicle clean inside and out is easier than you might think. Flagstop Car Wash has been serving Virginia residents since 1981. Our convenient locations and top-notch service will be your car’s best friend when it comes to looking shiny and new. Our RVA Wash Club gives our customers unlimited washes for one low monthly fee. Check us out online for details and stop by one of our convenient locations to keep your vehicle looking its best.

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