First, here are some important details about the RVA Wash Club.

A membership to the RVA Wash Cub provides convenience and service that is well worth the monthly fee. Once you join, you’ll get to bring your vehicle to any of our friendly, convenient locations as often as you want. No need to worry about being locked into a contract either as there’s no sign-up fee and no commitment.

A monthly membership can save you time as well, and time is money! We will automatically deduct your monthly fee, so you don’t have to worry about reaching for cash or taking out your wallet every time you go through the wash.

Our state of the art designed wash stations offer exceptional customer service and clean wash areas. We even have a kiosk for those extra items you might want such as air fresheners, amongst many other items.

Maybe you’re wondering if a membership is truly worth the money. Or, if paying as you go at the time of service is better for you. The fact is, a monthly membership fee saves money and provides exceptional conveniences as opposed to pay-as-you-go washes. It’s also easier to budget when you have a membership, as you won’t have to worry about whether you have the extra bucks this week!

Anyone in your family who has a vehicle can greatly benefit from unlimited car washes on a regular basis. It’s important to note some details about how our wash stations and the RVA Wash Club work.

Once you sign up we will adhere a small tag to your vehicle (don’t worry it’s placed in a discreet spot and leaves no marks or residue). It’s called an RFID tag (Radio Frequency ID). When you pull up to any of our wash stations, your tag is automatically read and the gate opens, allowing you to enter. From there, one of our friendly staff guides you through to the wash entrance with clear hand signals.

Each vehicle is assigned a unique ID — they are not transferable between vehicles so each one needs to have its own tag and membership. If a family member wants to check out our services and isn’t sure about joining we do offer one-time washes. You can also purchase gift cards for family and friends at any of our locations or online! We think it’ll make a great gift and is an awesome way to introduce them to our services.

There is an app for that! Of course, we made it even more convenient with a mobile app to sign up, manage your membership, and more. We want you to have the best customer experience possible so check us out and get started today. You can do it all through our website!

If you have any other questions about our services or the RVA Wash Club call 804-782-9274 or just stop by to see us. All Flagstop Car Wash locations provide a variety of services, whether you need an exterior wash, a vacuum, or floor mat cleaning. Check us out online for more information!

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