Do you wash your personal vehicle frequently? Or are you the owner of a car fleet that has to look good for business? If so, you may want to join the RVA Wash Club at Flagstop Car Wash! The RVA Wash Club is a monthly membership program that allows you to wash your car as many times as you need for a low monthly price. 

Is a Car Wash Membership Worth It?

If you’re wondering if a membership is worth the money, you can just do the simple math. If you take your car to get washed more than two or three times a month, you’ve already gotten your money’s worth! When you have a membership, you pay $21.99 per car, which entitles you to the “best wash” at any Flagstop location. A regular wash is between $7-$10 each time! By joining the membership, you can easily save yourself the money and the hassle. Simply pull up in your registered car (or, if it’s your first time, ask an attendant to install your RFID sticker) and enjoy a hassle-free wash. If you usually choose the deluxe car wash option for that extra clean, you’ll definitely save a bunch of money.

Who is the Monthly Car Wash Membership Good For?

Anyone can easily benefit from the car wash membership if they wash their car frequently! Individuals who often drive through city or dirt roads, go off-roading often, or don’t have a garage to protect their vehicle from the elements usually have to wash their cars often. This can get quite expensive if you don’t have a membership!

We also welcome local businesses and business owners! As a local, independently-owned business ourselves, we understand the importance of cutting costs – especially in this tough climate! Whether you drive an Uber or have an entire fleet of cars that require maintenance, you can save hundreds a year with a car wash membership. If you’re the owner of a fleet and spend more than $21 a month per vehicle on washing – you’ll see the benefit right away! It’s a positive loop too, you’ll be supporting a local business and you’ll be supported as a local business.

Plus, a monthly membership can save you time. And time is money! Your membership will be automatically billed every month, so you don’t have to worry about paying bills, reaching for cash every time you go through the wash, or dealing with credit cards, accounts, or receipts. Forget waiting in a line, trying to choose the best wash option, or figuring out a wash schedule – just take the car for a wash anytime you need.

Or, if you’re one of those who wants to wash their car more often but often bump this task down the list, a membership can make life a lot simpler because you can just take the car and not worry about paying every time. It just makes washing your car so easy that you’ll be tempted to go a lot more often!

Sign Up Today for a Monthly Car Wash Membership

If you’re ready to start saving on your monthly car wash needs, sign-up for the RVA Wash Club today. Once you’ve completed the sign-up, you can take your vehicle to any Flagstop Car Wash location you want. We have 11 convenient locations throughout Richmond and surrounding areas. If you have any questions about our monthly membership, feel free to reach out to a friendly staff member by calling 804-782-9274. All of our locations provide a variety of services, whether you need an exterior wash, interior clean, or even a pet washing station. Check our site for more information!

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