There are certain car maintenance rules that we all know to follow such as change the oil, rotate the tires, and get it inspected once a year. But did you know that failing to keep your car cleaned could cause issues like rusting, damaged paint, and corroding? While failing to wash your car might seem like no big deal, the reality is that it can create more costly issues than washing it would.

Dirt Can Stick

Dust, whether you can see it on your car’s surface or not, is floating everywhere around us. Combine the natural amount of dust and dirt in the air with moisture and you’ve got yourself dirt that will stick to your car’s surface for a very long period of time (until you wash it). Even on days where it’s not quite as humid or rainy — any amount of moisture in the air will cause that dirt to stick, meaning your paint job is in jeopardy of being damaged.

Paint Does More Than Just Look Good

Because cars are made of metal they are susceptible to rusting. The paint on your car helps protect the metal from dirt that sticks and causes rusting — but once the paint of your car is worn, damaged, or flaking, the body of your car is in trouble. Giving your car plenty of washes, especially when there is a lot of moisture in the air, will help protect the car’s paint job, which in turn, will help protect the body of the car.

If your car has a bubbled area of paint on it, well, that’s a clear sign that your car’s body is beginning to rust. When moisture reaches the metal of your car, it will rust and continue to spread even underneath the paint. This is another great reason to protect your paint job by washing your car often.

The Interior Matters, Too

Whether you have children, pets, or friends who frequently ride in your car, you’ll want to be sure that you’re not neglecting the interior of your car when it comes to cleaning it. Dust, old crumbs, and pet hair will cling to the dashboard and seats and can cause stains, bad smells, and even poor air quality.

The best way to clean the car’s interior is to start by vacuuming everything — floorboards, seats, car seats, dashboard, and trunk — to free the car of as much dirt and dust as possible. Then, wipe down the dashboard, console, and cup holders with a wipe. If you’re car still isn’t quite as fresh smelling as you’d like, we definitely recommend installing an air freshener, at least until the bad smells are gone.

Resale Value is at Stake

If you’re working hard to protect your car’s paint job by washing it often, then when the time comes for you to sell or trade your car for an upgrade, chances are you’ll be in great shape. However, buyers will without-a-doubt check in on the car’s condition before purchasing, and if you car has rust, bubbled paint, or even dirt on the outside, it’s an immediate red flag.

If any part of you thinks you’ll be selling your car, even in the distant future, you’ll want to keep it in as prestige of conditions as possible. The best way to do this — clean the exterior and interior of your car often. This will help ensure that the resale value of your car is as high as you expect it to be.


Cleaning your car inside and out can be a trying job, but we can help make that easier. We have nine full service car washes around Richmond to make your car washing experience as convenient as possible. We offer exterior washing, interior cleaning, and even pet cleaning services. We’d love to help you keep your car in top-notch condition.

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