With more people working from home, there is generally less daily travel. With less traveling on a daily basis it is true that your vehicle will pick up less road debris, yet you may be surprised how much dirt and grime can still accumulate on a vehicle. As your car sits in your driveway or even covered in a carport it will still need regular washes. Environmental factors will target your vehicle as it sits. Rain, snow, pollen, and even excessive sunlight will make your vehicle’s finish look dull. 

Depending on where you park your vehicle, large amounts of dust and debris in the air will settle onto the surfaces and tires. All vehicles parked outdoors are exposed to bird droppings and debris from nearby trees. Even if there are no trees close by, debris from grass clippings and particles of dust can accumulate in surprisingly large amounts on your paint. Any accumulation of dirt and grime over time can start to negatively affect your car’s finish and keep it from looking its best. The longer a vehicle sits without being washed the worse it can get. This is especially true if your yard is exposed to lots of wildlife. 

Pollen will also gather very quickly on a car during the early spring throughout the fall. You may not even notice it, depending on the color of your vehicle, until it’s a pretty heavy coating. If you have allergies it’s especially important to keep up with regular car washes during months when pollen is excessive. By doing so, you won’t be subjected to so much pollen as you open your car door. 

A good way to keep up with regular washings is to time it along with other routine errands. When you’re making that run to the grocery store, plan on making a trip through the automatic car wash on the way. Think of taking your car to a car wash regularly as a good excuse to start it up and take a quick trip to get a coffee or another treat. It’s not good for any vehicle to sit very long without being washed or started up. It can be negatively affected not only aesthetically but also mechanically if you let it sit too long between trips. Taking your vehicle for a quick spin and a quick wash will be hassle-free here at Flagstop Car Wash.

We offer many locations throughout Virginia so a quick visit to the car wash nearest you won’t even be an inconvenience. Our RVA Wash Club means you’ll have unlimited washes to help keep your car clean throughout the entire year. We hope to see you soon. Friendly, affordable services that are budget-friendly, and convenient are what we are all about. 

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