Every season brings a few new reasons to wash your car more often. In the winter, it’s vital that you wash often to remove any salt, slush, and built-up debris. Springtime brings new concerns. Between the bugs, pollen, and other road concerns, you may find yourself needing to take your vehicle to the car wash more often. In fact, spring is the busiest season for most car washes!

Springtime Cleaning for Your Car

Fall and spring have similar concerns for motorists. Once the snow melts in the spring, you’ll notice plenty of dust and debris on the road that can muck up your vehicle. Leaves and rocks are a concern as they may get lodged into places that affect the usability of your car. Taking it to a car wash is a better idea than washing it at home, as the jets of water can blast away any unwanted bits and fragments. 

Spring also brings bugs! From mosquitos to bees, to other flying critters, you won’t be able to ignore the splatters across your windshield for long. Visibility is crucial, and you should always take care to wash your windshield. Leaving bug splatters attracts more dust and dirt, which will impede your ability to drive safely on the road. Plus, industry experts agree that the leftover insect parts are quite acidic and can cause damage to the exterior if allowed to stay there for long periods of time.

Pollen is another concern during this season. It’s lovely when everything starts blooming, but you may soon notice that your car is coated in a thin sticky blanket of yellow. Not only is it an allergy concern for most people, but the sticky pollen will attract bugs, dust, and dirt to your car if you don’t wash it away quickly. For those that suffer from allergies in the spring, washing your car often will help limit your exposure to pollen and hopefully leave you feeling better!

Dirt, dust, pollen, and bugs that coat the exterior of the car aren’t just an eyesore. They can do lasting damage to the paint and even cause pockmarks. To keep your car in the best of shape and make sure it has a great resale value, it’s important to wash your car often. It’s part of routine maintenance. 

Finally, any time is a great time to do some cleaning, inside and out! Many people do spring cleaning in their homes and forget about their vehicles. At Flagstop Car Wash, you can clean your interior (DIY) as well as your exterior. Once you’re done sorting through the stuff lying around, you should give your seats, rugs, and other interior parts a good cleaning. Dust and dirt get into the car as you drive too! If you have pets you may need to vacuum your interior often for health and safety’s sake. Plus, springtime brings plenty of virus, cold, and other germs – and as we’ve all learned from the recent pandemic, it’s a good idea to disinfect every once in a while! 

Springtime Car Wash Services in Virginia

At Flagstop Car Wash, we know the importance of springtime maintenance! We have 11 locations throughout the Richmond area to make it easy and convenient. You can find a number of car wash packages, depending on how thoroughly you’d like your vehicle cleaned. If springtime is particularly rough on your vehicle, you may want to consider the RVA Wash Club – a monthly membership that will allow you to wash your car as many times as you need for one low price. If you have any questions about our services, we encourage you to call any of our friendly staff members at 804-782-9274. 

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