Ceramic-coated vehicles are beautiful—and expensive. They’re definitely worth the look, but only if you’re the type of person that will maintain their vehicle. Washing, detailing, and generally caring for your vehicle’s ceramic topcoat is time-consuming. For those that have great attention to detail when it comes to their cars, here are some tips on how to take care of a ceramic coat from automobile experts.

Maintaining Ceramic Coating is a Necessity

One of the best selling points of ceramic top coats is that they are considered “self-cleaning.” Some owners install this coating and think they can just leave their cars alone. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, and ignoring buildup and grime can ruin a ceramic coat. Self-cleaning means that it is extra shiny and repels dirt. This is a higher-quality coat, meaning it doesn’t fall apart as quickly because of environmental factors. That doesn’t mean it’ll stay in tip-top shape forever without any care.

A ceramic coating on your car adds an additional protective layer through chemical bonding that keeps the paint protected against outdoor elements and certain weather conditions such as UV rays and rain. It also makes it less likely that dirt and grime will adhere to the surface or come in contact with the vehicle’s paint, making it easier to clean.

How to Wash a Ceramic-Coated Vehicle

What makes ceramic coating so special is that the topcoat typically includes several layers of quartz, providing a number of benefits to your vehicle. You might wonder if this really changes the way you wash your car. For some of you, you may have to change up your car washing habits.

The best way to wash a ceramic-coated vehicle is according to the instructions from the manufacturer. If you bought your car with a ceramic top coat, the company will have directions on their website on how to maintain your car. If you had it done at an auto shop, please ask your team for the recommended way to maintain your car.

Dry Your Car Properly

You want your car to dry quickly after any kind of washing or maintenance. While ceramic coats on automobiles do reduce the risk of water spots, you’ll still be prone to them if you don’t take care. Always use a microfiber towel that’s meant for drying cars so that you can absorb water quickly and avoid scratching or damaging your car while it’s wet.

Detailing and Waxing

When it comes to detailing after your wash, that is usually a personal preference. It won’t mess with your ceramic coat. According to experts, there’s no need to wax a ceramic car. In fact, that’s not good for the paint job. However, there are specific sprays and products designed for ceramic-coated cars. After a few years on the road, your ceramic paint job may wear thin, and there are sprays that can help.

The safest way to wash any car is with an automated car wash. Your local car cleaners, like Flagstop Car Wash, use only the top recommended products suitable for cars. Visit our website for available deals and to find a full list of our locations, including 11 premium express car wash locations and two 24-hour automatic self service wash locations around RVA. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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