Traveling with pets is sometimes unavoidable, whether it’s a family vacation or a short ride through the drive-through with your furry best friend. It can be fun but also can result in dirty car interior and that can lead to odors.

Following these tips will help to keep your vehicle’s interior clean and odor-free even when pets are your co-pilot.

Invest in Seat Covers and Floor Mats

Providing a layer between your pet and the carpet, and fabric or leather seats will go a long way to give your vehicle’s interior some additional protection. When shopping for seat covers, look for good quality, durable and machine washable material. It should be a snug fit to ensure it stays in place.

Floor mats will help tremendously to keep your car’s interior carpet from getting stained and accumulating pet hair. Look for washable mats that have a short carpet fiber or possibly an all-rubber floor mat for easy cleanup. Always allow floor mats to dry thoroughly before placing them back in the car.

Clean Your Car Regularly

When riding with pets there is always a risk of them making a mess, whether it’s from drooling or an accident. The sooner you clean any mess, the less chance it will become an odor problem or stain. Cleaning it as soon as possible following these expert tips will help prevent damage to interior surfaces.

Routine cleaning of your car’s interior and exterior will be a key factor in keeping it odor-free and will have a long-lasting positive effect, especially on interior surfaces to prevent the risk of stains. When any pet hair or dirt that accumulates in a car is allowed to sit for a length of time it can be more difficult to remove.

Keep Pets Clean and Groomed

Pets regularly shed and that hair can hold a lot of dirt. When pets are kept clean and well groomed, they will bring less dirt and pet dander into your vehicle. Some pets are dirtier and have more hair than others, so may require frequent bathing or a good brushing more often.

Flagstop Car Wash makes it easy to keep your vehicle clean. We know the importance of caring for your car and keeping its appearance up as you go about your daily travels. Self-service vacuums, floor mat cleaning, and kiosks stocked with supplies to help you keep that interior sparkling, are among the services we offer. All our washes include a clear coat protectant and a polishing foam. We even offer a pet wash station at our convenient Chester, Virginia location.

Our RVA Wash Club members have the convenience to bring their vehicles in as often as they want to any of our locations. That’s right! You can use our automatic car wash as often as needed when you sign up for the RVA Wash Club and there’s no obligation. Our online form makes it easier than ever to join. We hope to see you, your pet, and your vehicle soon.

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