Deciding when, where, and how often to wash your car is a big part of vehicle ownership. Some people prefer to wash it themselves, while others believe that an automatic car wash is superior. There are many things that go into that decision, and if you’re looking to be as environmentally friendly as possible, you should know that an automatic car wash is much more environmentally-safe than a DIY job. Of course, this means that you’ll need to go to a car wash station more often. Luckily, many companies, like Flagstop Car Wash, have a monthly membership to help you keep your car clean in a way that’s good for the environment and your wallet!

Car Washing and the Environment

You’d think that washing your car at home would save water and therefore be better for the environment. However, car washes take measures to reduce their water consumption, while a hose can use as much as 100 gallons of water per vehicle. The bigger your vehicle is, the more water is necessary to get it clean when washing at home with a hose. 

Additionally, the soaps and detergents that you buy in a store and use in your driveway or the street where you wash your car actually contaminate the environment as they get sprayed and washed away. It’s easy to think that these soaps go directly down the sewage drain and don’t have a negative environmental impact – but the residue lasts. Most of it ends up going into storm drains. This may harm the plants and animals in the vicinity. It may not be much when one person washes their car at home – but there are millions of cars and the environmental damage adds up. 

To put water usage into context, most car washes use about 40 gallons per vehicle they wash. On top of that, here at Flagstop, all of our locations are built with the proper drainage and water disposal methods, so that we can be as green as possible. Our car wash is built to be as environmentally sound as possible – in addition to providing great service and great rates – because everyone deserves peace of mind and a clean vehicle! 

How to Build a Car Wash Membership Into Your Monthly Budget

It’s important to wash your vehicles often. A proper cleaning prevents dirt and debris from sticking to your paint or in between the wheels or machinery – keeping it running smoothly and protecting its resale value. That being said, cost is what keeps most people from washing their vehicles often enough. Whether you’re just a driver who wants an easy way to keep their car clean or the owner of a fleet worried about your bottom line – the RVA Wash Club can help keep you from breaking the bank.

For a low monthly fee, you can have unlimited access to any of our locations. Bring your car in once a week or once a month, show off your membership card, and get the VIP treatment. You’ll get a basic wash package, which means your exterior and underbody will get the cleaning treatment it needs to keep running smoothly – plus, free vacuums so you can quickly clean up your interior and reduce dirt and germs! If you take your car to the wash more than three times a month – the membership is more than worth it. 

If you have any questions, call any of our friendly experts at 804-782-9274 or come into any of our Flagstop locations around the Richmond area. 

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