When it comes to keeping it clean, the needs of your vehicle change every season. Spring and winter are the two seasons that you will end up washing your car the most. Each time the weather changes, that brings up a new variety of natural debris that affects your car – in the spring, that’s usually pollen, and in the winter, there’s salt on the roads. Keeping your car clean is a big part of maintenance that contributes to overall safety. 

Fall Vehicle Maintenance 

Autumn is one of the most difficult seasons for drivers just because of the debris on the road. Falling leaves, strong winds that whip up dust and dirt, and sap dripping from trees can make your car dirty. Fall debris can make it into your undercarriage and get stuck between wheels, which can be dangerous if you allow it to build up. Sap and dust on your windshield reduce your visibility as you’re driving, so you should always take your car for a thorough wash that will remove any leaves and other dangers. A good wash and wax can protect your car’s exterior, which will make your vehicle last longer and protect its resale value.

Winter Vehicle Maintenance

Winter is probably the most popular season to get your car washed. In snowy areas where the city puts down salt on the roads often, drivers must be wary. Salt can corrode your paint and rust the metal on your frame if you don’t take care of your vehicle properly. Plus, mud, salt, and snow get tracked into the car and ruin your interior as well, so it’s important to get the interior cleaned every so often in the wintertime. Salt will crust your mats and floors, and makes it much more difficult to clean up once it sets in. Allowing your interior to stay wet may even allow mold to flourish in your car, leaving behind that moldy smell. By vacuuming or steam-cleaning the inside, you can prevent a lot of damage. 

Spring Vehicle Maintenance

With the snow melting away, spring brings new threats to your vehicle. Sticky pollen, insects flying into your windshield, and lots of rain can damage your car as well. As insects wake up for the spring season, you may notice them on your windshield or car’s exterior more often. Insect blood is actually acidic and allowing it to stay crusted on your vehicle’s exterior can cause permanent damage to the paint. A wash and a good wax can protect your vehicle from any acid rain during the spring and summer. All of these factors can also make your windshield sticky and hard to wash, which is when you should take it for professional cleaning.

Summer Vehicle Maintenance

Maintaining the cleanliness of your car in the summer is very similar to spring. Bugs will continue to end up splattered on your vehicle’s windshield and exterior. Remember to thoroughly wash and wax to prevent ruining the paint. The hotter months are known for road dust – as it gets hot and dry, expect more dirt, dust, and debris to end up on your windshield and exterior, reducing visibility. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, go camping, off-roading, or even just drive through the city on a daily basis, you’ll notice a lot more dirt, dust, mud, and rocks in the interior and exterior of your car. Rocks and small pieces of dirt like that can stick and stay in hard to see places, which is why a professional car wash is the best way to make sure any unnecessary debris gets cleaned out.

For All Your Vehicle Maintenance Needs

If you want to protect your vehicle and keep it running smoothly, it’s best to wash it every few weeks, no matter which season you’re in. If your car is in need of thorough cleaning, try any of Flagstop Car Wash’s 11 convenient locations throughout Richmond. Join the RVA Wash Club for an easy-to-use membership that will allow you to wash your car as many times as you want for one low monthly price. We also have everything you need to clean your car’s interior. If you have any questions, give us a call at 804-782-9274. 

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