People will always argue the merits of automatic car washes vs. DIY when it comes to washing cars. There are plenty of benefits to both but also many myths surrounding automatic car wash techniques. Here are some common misconceptions about automatic car washes vs. home DIY car washes. 

Myth: Automatic Car Washes Waste Water

Actually, the opposite is true. Repeat studies have shown that automatic car washes are extremely environmentally friendly. Modern car washes are built with a water recycling system, so it catches any water used during the wash, filters it, and uses it again! According to state regulations and protections, car washes are also required by law to dispose of any water and chemicals. So you can rest assured that no chemicals are making their way into the ecosystem after an automatic wash. 

Myth: Washing Your Car at Home Saves Water

Washing your car at home seems like a noble effort but is actually not great for the environment around you. It uses a lot of water. You’ll also have to use soap and chemicals to clean your car, which wash away into the storm drains and grassy areas near your home, effectively making their way back into the environment. 

Myth: Automatic Car Washes Damage Paint

Another rumor going around is that automatic car washes can damage your car’s paint. Anyone who values their car understands the importance of the paint job on their vehicle. It affects the resale value and the overall look. Though modern paint is made to be resilient, certain things will damage your car’s paint including pollen, sap, and chemicals from soaps can oxidize or stick and cause the car’s paint to peel. The soaps and all materials used in automatic car washes have been studied and approved for sale by various automobile safety standard groups and professionals in the car wash industry.

Myth: Car Washes Can Scratch Your Car

We’re not sure how this rumor got spread, considering it is far more likely, according to statistics, that your car’s paint is at risk of getting scratched at home. If you are washing your car yourself, please avoid using plastic utensils, like sponges or long-bristled cleaning tools. Don’t ever use a scraper that you’ve bought in a store yourself. These items are likely to cause damage to your car’s paint. Some sponges and materials are simply too rough and not made for cleaning vehicle exteriors. In an automatic car wash, however, all the tools and brushes that are used are made specifically for cars and maintained to ensure they don’t cause damage.

Myth: Car Washes Damage Rims

Nope, nope, nope! Your rims and tires need to be scrubbed and blasted by water to maintain their functionality. Whether you’ve got regular rims or fancy expensive ones, the automatic car wash will have enough pressure to get off the dirt, grime, mud, and rocks to keep you driving smoothly. 

If you’re looking for a great quality automatic car wash, come to any of Flagstop’s 13 convenient locations around the Richmond area. We even have the RVA Wash Club for those of you who prefer frequent washes and want a quick way to wash and pay!

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