Every season, you must watch out for something weather-related if you’re a vehicle owner. Summer and fall should be relatively easy going seasons with little to worry about. However, nature is always something to worry about, and autumn brings a few hazards that all drivers should be aware of. 

Your car’s exterior is critical. While technology has made high-quality paint that doesn’t scratch or rust easily, there are still plenty of ways to damage it. Older models of cars are more prone to paint damage simply because of age. Newer luxury models have better quality paint, but that also means you have to take extra care of it so that your vehicle stays looking fresh and doesn’t decrease in resale value!

1. Falling Leaves

When the leaves fall in autumn, it’s everybody’s favorite moment until you have to clean them off your car. While leaves don’t seem like a big deal, they can do a lot of damage to a vehicle. They end up in your windshield, under your wipers, and can potentially end up scratching the glass. Always make sure to clean the leaves out before you drive anywhere. You should keep a towel to help wipe off dust in your trunk – it’ll come in handy in all the seasons. 

Leaves can also clog up your sunroof or convertible roof, which is expensive to fix. Other than messing with the exterior, extensive amounts of leaves during the fall mean that some will almost certainly make their way inside your car’s mechanics and possibly damage something vital.

2. Tree Sap

Sap from trees is sticky and acidic, so beware of parking your car under trees in the autumn. You may not even notice a tree producing sap, but that is a year-long issue for vehicle owners. Tree sap is a nuisance because its sticky consistency takes time to scrub off. You must also use suitable materials to scrub your car, lest you risk scratching the paint. If you opt not to wash it off immediately and let tree sap sit on your vehicle, you’ll end up with spots. Tree sap is acidic and can corrode paint.

3. Pollen

Like sap, pollen is stickier than it looks and can wear away at your vehicle’s paint if left untreated. After a professional wash, a wax treatment done at the beginning of every season can help prevent corrosion, rust, and discoloration from weather-related substances like pollen. While it seems like pollen is mostly a danger in the spring, it can affect your car year-round.

4. Bird Excrement

Bird excrement is another sticky and acidic substance that can damage your vehicle’s exterior by oxidizing the paint or wearing away at it. It’s essential to wash your car if you accidentally park somewhere where a flock of birds happens to be nesting for the night.

5. Rocks and Dirt

With the weather changing, the winds in the autumn are often higher and colder. Be careful while driving on highways and rocky roads, as high winds can kick up debris that can scratch your paint. 

Don’t let leaves, dirt, rocks, or sap ruin your car’s paint! Wash it regularly to avoid damage and upkeep your resale value. Check out any of the 12 Flagstop Car Wash locations near Richmond, VA. Our car washes come with a variety of features and choices. For those who wash their car often, there’s the RVA Wash Club, which allows you to get your vehicle washed anytime with no hassle. Keep your car clean and stay in excellent shape over the years.

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