Giving your vehicle a good scrub down is never a bad idea. The amount of dirt and grime that can build up as you’re driving around can be unsightly. Everything on the road surfaces can quickly accumulate on your car. That funk on your vehicle can also have an affect on your health. 

Keeping your vehicle clean inside and out will help lessen your exposure to those germs. Here’s the scoop.

1) Keeping your vehicle clean reduces exposure to allergens.

Pollen, mold, and other irritants can negatively affect you anywhere. When pollen season is here and it accumulates on your vehicle, you and your passengers are exposed to those irritants. Each time you open or close your doors, roll down the windows or touch the door handles the pollen will start blowing around. Mold is a common irritant that can remain unseen until it starts affecting your health. Moisture and lack of air circulation create an ideal environment for mold growth. Spilled drinks or a forgotten rolled down window are all it takes to give mold a chance to grow. The good news is it’s easy to avoid these irritants just by keeping your car clean and making sure to wipe up any moisture in your vehicle.

2) A clean vehicle keeps germs away and bacteria at bay.

Think of all the dirt on the roads and parking lots. Whenever you drive your vehicle it’s exposed to germs and bacteria that may surprise you. You and your passengers can also unknowingly track it into your car as you get in and out. The exterior of your vehicle is exposed to environmental elements and everything outdoors that it comes into contact with—those germs can become a health risk. Making sure to clean it often, inside and out, paying special attention to carpets and floor mats will ensure any bacteria that is present doesn’t have a chance to grow. 

3) A clean vehicle is less inviting to pests.

Wherever there are hiding places and food crumbs there’s a risk of pests. When pest infestations occur there’s a chance of exposure to their feces. Many pests can spread disease through their droppings. If your vehicle has any messes left behind from you or your passengers pests such as rodents, cockroaches and ants can find their way in to eat the food crumbs tempting them, and can even nest in your car. Practicing good cleaning habits especially if kids and pets are amongst your regular passengers will greatly reduce your exposure to pests and the germs they carry. 

It’s amazing how quickly dirt and grime accumulates. Often you might not even notice it until it’s pretty bad. Busy work schedules and back to school schedules can make keeping up with vehicle hygiene a low priority. Lives get busy and keeping your car clean takes time. Flagstop Car Wash makes it easy and saves you lots of time. Stop on by and check out our RVA Wash Club! Unlimited washes at any of our 13 convenient locations make keeping your vehicle clean a breeze. 

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