You probably already shop local for a lot of things — such as produce, clothing, and coffee — as shopping local has become a big thing to celebrate. So why would it be any different for you to shop local when choosing a car wash? Going to a locally owned car wash can not only get you more bang for your buck, but it can also give back to your community and environment.

Personalized Care

While larger car wash locations may seem like the easy choice, you might be missing out on the detail and personalized care that a local car wash would provide. At Flagstop Car Wash, all of our employees are thoroughly trained to ensure that your cars are washed, cleaned, and waxed correctly. This personalized car care is hard to find, but we pride ourselves in training and teaching the best and most useful ways of car washing to our employees so that your experience with us is as personalized as possible. Plus, we love getting to know you! And with unlimited washes with our RVA Car Wash Club, we hope to get the chance to know you really well!

Better for the Environment

There are a lot of reasons why visiting your local car wash is better for the environment, but perhaps the biggest one is the runoff that happens when you wash your car at home. The runoff that comes from the car can be hazardous and dangerous to lie in neighborhood streets, but car wash drains are meant for holding and disposing of those hazardous chemicals. We professionally clean and empty the pits of our car washes so that nothing toxic is left behind for our customers and environment.

Impact the Community

Perhaps the biggest reason why someone would want to support their local businesses is to give back to the community. When revenue and business is done in your local community, you are able to support the growth of your whole community’s finances. Not to mention, car washes are a great way to fundraise and give back to the community. It’s safe to say that local car washes are a great place to host and support your community locally.


While giving back to the community is something Flagstop is proud to do, we also are equally as proud to be a part of our communities across Richmond, Virginia. When you choose one of our many locations to wash your car at, you’re going local, supporting Richmond, and giving back to your community too. We cannot thank our local customers enough!

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