Notice to all unlimited RVA Wash Club Members…

Our unlimited wash club has been one of the best offers we have ever created according to you, our valued members.  We always receive feedback like “this is the best deal in Richmond.” But with all of the great things about the club the biggest complaint is “It’s too complicated.”

We now offer 5 different clubs. Some clubs get discounts on 2nd and 3rd vehicles while others do not.  The different levels of clubs receive different washes and members aren’t always sure which wash they get and what is included.

We have listened to your frustrations and we are rolling out a new, better and simpler RVA Wash Club program.  We now have just 2 membership levels and each will always receive the “BEST” exterior wash package available at ANY location!

Our “best” exterior wash at our express wash locations is currently the Fire & Ice Express ($15 value) and at our full service locations the best exterior wash is the Clean Getaway ($18.99 value).  We will now offer an UNLIMITED EXTERIOR CLUB for only $20 PER VEHICLE!  Also, if an Exterior Club member visits a full service location and would like an interior cleaning they can upgrade to the Flagstop Complete package (normally $35) for only $10 each visit.

Our second club offering will be the UNLIMITED FULL SERVICE CLUB for only $40 PER VEHICLE. Members of this club will receive the “best” wash at our full service locations which is currently the Flagstop Complete for $34.99.  Yes, that wasn’t a typo. Members will receive a $35 wash unlimited for only $40 per month per vehicle.  If these members want to visit our express washes they will of course receive the “best” wash available at those locations as well.

Unfortunately we will be dropping the Express Pass ($12.99/mo) we just recently launched.  While it did bring in some new members, most were not happy that it was only good for a $6 exterior wash and that there were no benefits to visiting a full service location.

Our members have spoken and we have listened.  No more confusion and questions about what services are included or not. Now we have only two plans with no need to keep second and third cars on the same plan.

These two plans are now available and current club members will have until January 31, 2018 to decide which plan they would like to move to.  Any members we have not heard from by then will automatically be switched.  Current Platinum and Gold members will move to the Unlimited Full Service membership and all others will be moved to the Unlimited Exterior membership.

Please feel free to call our customer service line at 804-782-9274 or email to discuss your membership.

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