You’ve heard of our RVA Wash Club, but you’re not quite convinced that it’s worth signing up for. Whether you’re a current member or know nothing about this Car Wash Club, keep reading.

In this blog, we’ll break down what the RVA Wash Club includes and why it’s a deal you shouldn’t pass up.


Unlimited car washes

Some memberships seem like they include unlimited resources but then it turns out that you only receive a certain number of services or products a month.

When you join the RVA Wash Club, you truly get the whole nine yards — unlimited car washes for just a low monthly fee. We’ll even keep your card on file and deduct it straight from your credit or debit card, so you don’t have to worry about paying on time.


No joining fees or membership cards

Other than the monthly fee charged to your credit or debit card, you won’t be required to pay anything to become a member.

Not only do you avoid membership fees, you also don’t have to carry around a membership card when you come in for a car wash. Simply attach the RFID tag that we’ll provide to your car and you’ll be good to go!


Choose from the Exterior or Full Service Club

Since different customers have different needs, we actually have two variations of clubs to choose from. Both include unlimited washes, but the breakdowns of what each club include are a little different.

For example, our Exterior Club is $20 per month and comes with unlimited Clean Getaway Washes at any full service location and unlimited Fire and Ice Express Washes at any express wash location.

You can also upgrade to Flagstop Complete for only $10 per visit at any full service location.

Our other option is the Full Service Club, which is $40 per month and includes unlimited Flagstop Complete Washes ($34.99) at any full service location and unlimited Fire and Ice Express ($15) Washes at any express wash location.

As the RVA Wash Club sub-page describes, “Each vehicle requires its own subscription, but you may have as many vehicles on your account as you wish.”


If you want to know more about Flagstop’s RVA Wash Club or are ready to become a member, reach out to us today! Also, check out our YouTube video that explains the club in a creative way.

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