Looking for a great way to raise money for your school, church, or charity?

Flagstop partners with all types of groups to sponsor Car Wash Fundraisers and we would like to be your partner in your next fundraising venture! Our programs are not only simple, but powerful.

We would like to suggest that before you consider using a local parking lot for your next car wash fundraiser that you think about the many financial, safety and environmental benefits of working with Flagstop Car Wash.

We Can Help You Make More Money

You will earn larger profits at a faster rate than if you tried to wash that many cars yourself. Our two most popular programs are selling discounted Flagstop Gift Cards and our FREE CAR WASH DAY.

Discounted Gift Cards

The discounted gift card program is very straight forward. Flagstop provides a $25 gift card to be sold by your group for only $20 (that’s a 20% discount!). For each card that is sold Flagstop will then donate 50% ($10 each) back to your group. So, if your group sells 200 gift cards at $20 each (totaling $4,000), Flagstop will donate $2,000 to your group!

FREE Car Wash Day

(We are currently not running any Free Wash Day fundraisers)

Our best fundraiser is our FREE CAR WASH DAY. This works extremely well and the amount of money that can be raised is HUGE. This program is a bit more complex, where your group members solicit pledges from friends, family and co-workers for however many cars we can wash in one day.

For example, someone pledges that they will give a nickel (.05 cent) for each car wash on the date of the FREE CAR WASH DAY. Let’s say that on the day of the event Flagstop washes 400 cars.  The person that pledged the nickel will owe $20 (400 cars @ .05¢).

Now let’s assume that each person in your group had 10 people pledge to give a nickel, so now each group member will collect $200 (10 pledges @ $20 each). If you have 30 people in your group receive 10 pledges each, that equals a total of $6,000! Of course if you have a larger group, your people could get more than 10 pledges, or even higher pledges (we’ve had people pledge as high as $1 per car!).

The best part is when you collect a pledge you give that person a reminder note to come by Flagstop on the day of the event to get a FREE WASH. So not only are they donating money to your cause, but they have the opportunity to get a FREE WASH for their pledge!

The greatest part of the event that raises even more money is that on the day of the event your group will be able to set up at the location hosting the event to collect donations from customers who were coming by Flagstop anyway and did not realize that it was a free car wash day. Those customers typically donate the amount they were planning to pay for their wash that day.

Why Partner with Flagstop?

We Eliminate Your Liability for Damage or Injury.

When you run your own car wash you run the risk of damage to cars, personal injury to a member of your organization or to a supporter. It just doesn’t make sense for your organization to assume that kind of risk when you can leave it up to us.

We’re Better for the Environment.

In many states and municipalities, shopping center and school yard car washes are discouraged because they overwhelm the local storm system with phosphorus and pollutants that destroy the beauty of local ponds and streams. We dispose of our waste-water into the sanitary sewer to be treated according to strict EPA, state and local regulations.

We Care About Our Water Supply.

Whether our water is plentiful or in short supply, the fact remains that washing cars with a hose and bucket wastes water. This method can use up to three times the water used by a professional car wash. Not to mention with water and sewer bills going up dramatically all over the country, why encourage wasteful habits when we can encourage conservation of our most important resource, water?

Why? It Works!

By working with us, charities, teams, schools and church groups typically raise far more money than they can by going at it alone. Part of the reason is because we offer a service that people in our community already know about, value and regularly use. When they bring the flyer to us from your organization, they know they are supporting your activities, and getting a great car wash too!

The FREE CAR WASH DAY can literally generate thousands of dollars and exposure in just one day, but it is a bit more complicated to promote and organize.

We would enjoy speaking with a representative of your organization to further discuss how we, as a member of the International and Southeastern Car Wash Associations, can play a vital role in supporting the activities that make our community a great place to work and live.

For more information or to set up an event please contact Customer Service at (804) 782-9274 or contact us online.

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