A frosted windshield when you are running late can be a frustrating combination of shivering, scraping, and waiting for the car to heat up. But no sooner do you get the ice off of the car and you have another issue to deal with, fogged up windows. In September, we talked about preparing your car for cooler weather, now let’s talk about how to defrost your car window and keep your windows from fogging up.

Use a Rubbing Alcohol and Water Mixture to Melt the Ice

A rubbing alcohol solution “melts” the ice off your windshield by dissolving in ice and lowering its freezing point. Isopropyl alcohol has a freezing point of -128.2*F (-89*C). So unless you happen to be reading this article in weather that breaks the world record coldest temperature of -128.6*F, you’re in the clear. While your car heats up, the alcohol solution will make clearing away the ice easier.

Clearing the Fogged Up Window

Once the ice is cleared from the outside of your car windows, you may still have an issue with foggy windows.

The reason your windows get fogged up in the winter is because of the cold air outside. Imagine an ice-cold beverage that develops condensation on outside of the glass except the cold beverage is the air outside your car and your windows are the glass. This is essentially what is happening to your vehicle.

Your car’s inner air is slightly warmer and more humid. The freezing temperatures just outside are chilling the air so that it is releasing its moisture against the inside edge of the windows. This can be an extra aggravation as you try to heat your car to melt the ice on the outside. Unknown to you is that you are simultaneously contributing to the the fog on the inside.

Here’s how you fix that:

  1. Turn your heater on full blast
  2. Turn on the A/C
  3. Turn off inside air circulation
  4. Crack a window to bring in cold air

Cleared to Drive

It’s important to note that even the fastest methods of clearing your car windows can take a little time. You never attempt to drive away without clear enough windows to see where you are driving, especially in wintry road conditions.

Once the outside and inside of your windows cleared, you are safe to drive. We know that winter can pose additional hazards to the exterior of your car. Read our previous post about what the salt on the road can do to your car’s paint and stop by a Flagstop Car Wash near you to keep your car looking great all winter long!

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