Dogs are lovable and we can’t live without them, but sometimes traveling can be a little tricky with that furry friend in your backseat. By the time you’ve reached your destination, every crevice is covered with their (sometimes smelly) hair.

Not only is this annoying for you as the owner of the vehicle, anyone else getting into your car will also be turned off by the now furry seats.

Before we dive into how to get all that dog hair out of your car, here are a few tips to avoiding getting that fur all over everything.


Brush your dog before the trip

A great way to avoid getting dog hair in your car is to brush your pet thoroughly before letting them hop into the back seat. This at least gets rid of any excess fur that is prone to fall out.


Use a crate

If the dog and its crate are small enough, another good option can be to put them in their crate in the back. Their hair will be more contained to one spot, and it can potentially better protect them in a car crash.


Put seat covers in your car

Using seat covers in your vehicle can also help prevent dog hair from embedding within the many crevices. When fur does get in the car, you can easily remove the seat covers and wash them.

Those are all steps to preventing shedding, but what happens when your dog has already gotten its fur everywhere?

Try the techniques below to efficiently remove pet hair:


Compressed air and gloves

One way to get the fur out is to blow the interior with an air compressor, put on nitrile gloves, dip them in water, and then run your hands across the surface areas to collected any loosened hair.


Static electricity of a balloon

Because balloons can produce static electricity when rubbed, they can be used to remove hair by blowing them up and rubbing them against the upholstery.


Fabric softener spray

Another technique is to combine a couple of tablespoons of fabric softener and water then spray the mixture over the inside of your car. Next, wipe out the loosened hair with some paper towels.


Shampoo the inside

If all other methods fail, the foolproof way to remove dog hair is to shampoo the inside of your car. To get professional detailing services, call us today for help!

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