Even though it’s already mid-May, pollen is still at very high levels, and it’s affecting not only people’s health, but also everyone’s cars.

At this point in spring, enough pollen has probably gathered on your car that you can run a finger down the side and find it streaked with yellow dust. Although it may seem harmless, pollen can actually harm your car’s air filters, paint, and interior.

To help your vehicle get safely through the pollen season, we recommend these three things:


Replace your air filters

Pollen can clog and damage air filters, so it’s crucial to get these replaced regularly during pollen season to avoid your air conditioning being negatively affecting as well as the car’s functionality in general.


Clean your car’s interior

Whenever you open a window or car door, pollen can collect inside which can decrease the value of your car and cause it to break down faster.

Reach out to us anytime or swing by any location to have the interior of your car professionally cleaned!


Wash the exterior of your vehicle

Because pollen can wear down your vehicle’s paint, it’s also important to wash the outside of your car as well.

Whether it’s a full service car wash, express car wash, or self-service car wash, we have every option and can cover any of your needs.


Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like to know how we approach cleaning off pollen!

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