March 15, 2017 | keyweb

It’s amazing what a girl from the North and her filthy car can find!!!

I had just spent the night in Glen Allen and desperately needed to get the Boston snow, salt and who-knows-what else off my car.  I found Flagstop and thought “$5 for a wash??  Are they SERIOUS??!!”.  Automated payment at the gate.  A Boston girl has never seen such a cool thing.

Honestly, I was thinking that there was NO WAY this wash could get off all the nastiness from my car, but it did a pretty good job.  I didn’t spring for any add-ons since said car was headed back to Boston in a couple of days and would be looking dirty again, but if this was the final wash of the year, an undercarriage wash would have been in order.

Anyhow, imagine my shock to see FREE VACUUMS.  FREE.  Had I not been all dressed up, I would have been vacuuming up a storm, but sadly, I could not take part in their kindness.  There was also a machine that cleans floor mats that I was dying to see in action, but sadly will never see how that works.

Thanks, Flagstop!