I have been going to the Flagstop location on Iron Bridge Road for a few months now, I have a new F-150 and am extremely picky. I won’t let just anyone drive it. After going a few times the manager Chris discussed the unlimited wash membership and I joined, I now go every Sunday, only allow Chris to drive onto rack if he is there and if not I will let Austin or Dylan. I am extremely pleased with Chris for his understanding of me and how much I value my vehicle and he goes above and beyond to meet my needs/demands weekly and he never complains. I always tip $10 every wash and for the last two Sundays I have requested Seth, he is very detailed, doesn’t rush and meets all of my expectations and I go away extremely satisfied. I have never seen a young person so dedicated to doing such a great job and actually taking pride in his work… Seth is very respectful and needs to be recognized for a job that exceeds my picky demands. His brother Austin is equally awesome in delivering great service!! Chris has an amazing team and the few I mentioned have certainly meet my expectations which is usually difficult to do and I look forward to my weekly washes!!! Great job Chris, Seth, Austin and Dylan… - Donna via Website

I’m actually gonna give 5 stars. My car was pretty gross after not having had any love for well over 5 months. It was getting a nice yellow hue (thank you pollen) and a few white highlights (thank you birds). With the gorgeous weather as of late I decided it was time to get “Kevin” spiffed up and back to his proper gleaming blue. - Melissa via Yelp

Whenever I need a quick wash to get the ever annoying pollen off my car, this is my go to spot. For $10, I get washed, waxed and look great, plus a free vacuum inside when I’m done. - Yvonne

The wash club is sweet. Go anytime I want. - Darius

It’s amazing what a girl from the North and her filthy car can find!!!

I had just spent the night in Glen Allen and desperately needed to get the Boston snow, salt and who-knows-what else off my car. I found Flagstop and thought “$5 for a wash?? Are they SERIOUS??!!”. Automated payment at the gate. A Boston girl has never seen such a cool thing.

Honestly, I was thinking that there was NO WAY this wash could get off all the nastiness from my car, but it did a pretty good job. I didn’t spring for any add-ons since said car was headed back to Boston in a couple of days and would be looking dirty again, but if this was the final wash of the year, an undercarriage wash would have been in order.

Anyhow, imagine my shock to see FREE VACUUMS. FREE. Had I not been all dressed up, I would have been vacuuming up a storm, but sadly, I could not take part in their kindness. There was also a machine that cleans floor mats that I was dying to see in action, but sadly will never see how that works.

Thanks, Flagstop!

- Margot

I love Flagstop. I have been a member for a year now and I have got to say you can NOT beat the price for the quantity your getting. - Natalia

Just had my car serviced at this location for their deluxe interior detail. Brandy and her team exceeded my expectations and truly placed great care into my car. I own a dog and I train outdoors so my interior was run down, stained, and full of hair. They were able to get rid of the stubborn hair and gave my interior a face lift. I felt like I drove out of the dealership with a new car all over again. I highly recommend this location and will be returning for future services. - Magdalena

Regular customer with no complaints. My f250 fits fine - Gavin

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