Right now, you’re probably looking over a not-so-dirty car wondering if you should wash your car today. It’s a fair question. As a car wash company ourselves, we certainly would say that any day is a good day to get your car wash. For our RVA Wash Club members, who have access to unlimited car washes for a low monthly fee, getting their car washed every single day is entirely within their plan.

How often should you wash your car?

In a blog article posted over a year ago, we talked about how often you should wash your car. We recommended washing you car about once every two weeks. For many car owners, this is a little more often than what they are used to. For those individuals who think that every two weeks is a bit much, perhaps our article about what happens when you don’t wash your car will help you make an informed decision.

Assuming that you are going to wash your car either this week or next week, now you have to decide what day in the next two weeks. Thanks to the interesting world of the internet, we can provide you with a fun way to figure that out. Spin the wheel below to test if you should wash your car today, tomorrow, or sometime next week.


Locations around Richmond, Chesterfield, and Hopewell

Flagstop has nine locations around the Richmond, VA area. We have a location in Ashland, North Chesterfield, Chester (W Hundred Rd), Chester (Bermuda Crossroads Ln), Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, West End, Glen Allen and Hopewell.

For residents in Richmond and surrounding areas, a heavy pollen season is no foreign concept. Richmond has made it to the top of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America’s list of “Spring Allergy Capitals” for two years in a row. While we’ve been bumped down from spot #2 on the list, being #10 still isn’t something to be proud of.

Richmond’s struggle with pollen was especially heavy this year, starting as early as February with prematurely warm temperatures and quite a lot of rain. Last month, one day made it into the top 5 worst pollen days since 1988.

All of this pollen means that your car may still have a yellowish hue for a few weeks after the peak of pollen season. If you’ve read our previous blog post about why you should wash pollen off your car, you know how that can be important.

Wash Your Car Today

Flagstop has 9 locations around Richmond, Virginia where you can wash your car or have it washed for you.

Flagstop has locations in:

Many of our locations include vacuums to get the pollen out of your seats. After you’ve washed off the pollen, treat your car to a wax coating or some extra car polish car to protect your coat of paint.

Plus, with the RVA Wash Club, you can wash your car an unlimited number of times per month so you never have to worry about a dirty vehicle.

We are excited to announce that our Staples Mill Express location will be undergoing renovations starting on September 4th! During this time we will be closed, so we ask that our loyal customers of this location visit our location on Parham Road, or any of our other locations in the metro-Richmond area. For a full list of all locations, click here.

Please note that if you do have an RVA Wash Club membership with us, you can use it at ANY of our locations! That includes both Express and Full Service!

We thank you for your patience and we cannot wait to give all of our loyal customers the latest and greatest in car wash technology! We will make an announcement at a later date for our Grand Re-Opening.

Renovations are officially underway at our Chester Express location! We are working diligently to give all of our loyal customers the most up-to-date car wash equipment there is to offer.

We are extremely excited about these renovations and cannot wait to share the results with you all. An announcement about our Grand Re-Opening will be made in the near future.

chester flagstop car wash renovations

renovations at chester express car wash

While this location is being renovated, please note that our RVA Wash Club members can always visit any one of our locations! For a full list of locations, please visit the locations page of our website.

Congratulations to Amy Quinby and Frank Costa for each winning $500 in Puritan Cleaners services and $50 in Flagstop Car Washes! Thank you to everyone who bought raffle tickets to support FeedMore!

We at Flagstop Car Wash would like to thank Nancy Holowecky and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary Post #637. We are extremely honored to have received the Patriotic Citizen Award at our Hopewell Express location.

For many years, Flagstop Car Wash has been proud to fly the colors of the United States of America at each and every one of our locations. We graciously accept this honor, and we will continue to honor the brave men and women who serve the United States Armed Forces.

flagstop car wash in hopewell, va receives award

It was great to have NUTasha and the Richmond Flying Squirrels crew stop by our Iron Bridge Road Full Service location to clean the Nutzy Van!

We’re proud to announce that we have partnered up with the Richmond Flying Squirrels to be the official sponsor of the Party Deck at The Diamond. The Flagstop Party Deck includes 24 seats and can be rented out by parties throughout the upcoming 2018 season. The season will begin for the Squirrels on April 5th, and the first home game at The Diamond will be Friday, April 13th at 7:00 PM.

Here’s to a great partnership with the Flying Squirrels and Flagstop Car Wash! Have Fun and Go Nuts!

For more information, please visit their site.

Flagstop partnering with the Richmond Flying Squirrels

Flagstop partnering with the Richmond Flying Squirrels

We are NOW HIRING at our Iron Bridge Road Full Service Location! If you’re interested in applying, here’s some information.

We’re hiring high-energy individuals with excellent customer service for our renovated Flagstop Car Wash location to provide high-quality detailing & wash services! Applicants must be able to hustle, handle a high volume of work, and take direction very well. We’re looking for people with good work ethic, timely habits, and dedication. Opportunities for leadership, management, learning new skills, and growth within the company will help you become successful now and in the future!

Positions include many benefits including Health & Dental Insurance, paid time off after 1 year of full-time employment, discounted car washes & services on your personal vehicle, extensive training on products & services, opportunity for advancement based on work ethic and not seniority, and more, including…

Our College Tuition Assistance Scholarship Program starting in May 2018. This program is built to enable education for all of our employees, both incoming and current. There will be more details in regards to applying for this scholarship soon!


Job Type: Full-time/Part-time

(preferably mornings)

Salary: $7.25 to $15.00 per hour (Plus tips!)
*Salary varies on Full-time/Part time*
11031 Iron Bridge Rd
Chester, VA 23831-1440

You must have a valid driver’s license and include references with your application. Previous work experience, volunteer work, coaches, teachers, and mentors are preferred. Family/friends are not valid.

The job includes flexible hours and great pay. We’re open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 804-768-0090. You can apply on our Careers page or our Facebook page — we look forward to hearing from you!

Notice to all unlimited RVA Wash Club Members…

Our unlimited wash club has been one of the best offers we have ever created according to you, our valued members.  We always receive feedback like “this is the best deal in Richmond.” But with all of the great things about the club the biggest complaint is “It’s too complicated.”

We now offer 5 different clubs. Some clubs get discounts on 2nd and 3rd vehicles while others do not.  The different levels of clubs receive different washes and members aren’t always sure which wash they get and what is included.

We have listened to your frustrations and we are rolling out a new, better and simpler RVA Wash Club program.  We now have just 2 membership levels and each will always receive the “BEST” exterior wash package available at ANY location!

Our “best” exterior wash at our express wash locations is currently the Fire & Ice Express ($15 value) and at our full service locations the best exterior wash is the Clean Getaway ($18.99 value).  We will now offer an UNLIMITED EXTERIOR CLUB for only $20 PER VEHICLE!  Also, if an Exterior Club member visits a full service location and would like an interior cleaning they can upgrade to the Flagstop Complete package (normally $35) for only $10 each visit.

Our second club offering will be the UNLIMITED FULL SERVICE CLUB for only $40 PER VEHICLE. Members of this club will receive the “best” wash at our full service locations which is currently the Flagstop Complete for $34.99.  Yes, that wasn’t a typo. Members will receive a $35 wash unlimited for only $40 per month per vehicle.  If these members want to visit our express washes they will of course receive the “best” wash available at those locations as well.

Unfortunately we will be dropping the Express Pass ($12.99/mo) we just recently launched.  While it did bring in some new members, most were not happy that it was only good for a $6 exterior wash and that there were no benefits to visiting a full service location.

Our members have spoken and we have listened.  No more confusion and questions about what services are included or not. Now we have only two plans with no need to keep second and third cars on the same plan.

These two plans are now available and current club members will have until January 31, 2018 to decide which plan they would like to move to.  Any members we have not heard from by then will automatically be switched.  Current Platinum and Gold members will move to the Unlimited Full Service membership and all others will be moved to the Unlimited Exterior membership.

Please feel free to call our customer service line at 804-782-9274 or email info@flagstopcarwash.com to discuss your membership.

Our Iron Bridge Road full service location in Richmond, VA has re-opened with all new car wash equipment! Stop by and check it out before heading out for Thanksgiving travel. We’re still working on the lobby so please excuse our mess…

new car wash equipment, flagstop richmond va

new car wash equipment, flagstop richmond va