From full service car washes and express car washes to professional detailing and gift cards, Flagstop has it all. However, there are three services we offer that you may not be as familiar with…


Self-Service Car Wash Bays

If you love being outside and washing your own car, our self-service car wash bays are the solution for you!

With 20 self-service car wash bays in Chester, Chesterfield, North Chesterfield, and Colonial Heights, you can pick from our supply of engine degreasers, triple foam polishes, and spray waxes to get your car looking sleek.

Our equipment and line of products in our vending machines like towels, window cleaners, and tire dressings, allow you to clean your car from top to bottom.

Take matters into your own hands by washing and vacuuming your vehicle in our self-service bays today!


Pet Washes

If you ever travel with a pet, you know that they tend to leave behind fur, dirt, and a lingering smell. Avoid messing up your car and having to get it cleaned by simply washing your pet before putting it in the back seat.

Even though our car washes have always been pet friendly, we decided to take it a step farther and provide a pet washing service so your furry friends can get clean too.

Our Chester location offers ten minute pet washes for just $10 so you don’t have to worry about hair and smell getting embedded into your car’s upholstery. An additional minutes are $1 each and should be purchased before the end of the wash.

Look out for more of our locations offering pet washes soon!


RVA Wash Club

Not only do we offer full service and express car washes, we provide the option of joining our exclusive RVA Wash Club so you can benefit from unlimited car washes, anytime!

When you become a member, one low monthly fee is deducted from your credit or debit car, and it’s up to you whether to bring your car in for a wash monthly, weekly, or every single day.

The RVA Wash Club doesn’t have any joining fees, and you don’t have to carry around a membership card. Simply attach the RFID tag to your vehicle then be sure to get each car a separate membership to guarantee fair use. If you wish to change/modify your plan at any point or cancel your membership, the process is simple.


Whether you already knew about these services or not, we hope this information was helpful! Drop by anytime and take advantage of these unique deals set at competitive prices. Let us know how we can answer more of your questions today.

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