Richmond, VA – Flagstop Car Wash is proud to announce the completion of converting their remaining full-service locations into express exterior style car washes. The move represents a key step in the company’s dedication to a hyperlocal development strategy.

“We decided to pause our new builds and take advantage of the pandemic and complete these conversions in 2020.” stated Craig Marable, Flagstop’s COO. “Our location in Colonial Heights reopened in December and knowing these conversions are complete was a great way to end 2020” he continued.

Jamie Nester, Flagstop’s President and CEO commented, “Flagstop is now in a position to accelerate its growth in the Richmond market. We have acquired Village Car Wash in Short Pump and will be razing that site this year to build a completely new car wash complex. We have also acquired new sites at Stonebridge Shopping Center and River’s Bend in Chesterfield.”

Construction on the new location at Stonebridge Shopping Center will start early this Spring, followed by the River’s Bend location in late Spring. The Village Car Wash will continue to operate as-is until the start of construction in summer 2021.

“We spent 2020 gearing up for this growth by working on our internal structure and building out a full maintenance team and moving them into their own warehouse as well as an internal call center for customer service. With the great relationships we have with our contractors and distributors, we feel that we can easily add three or more sites per year” Nester continued.

Flagstop Car Wash’s executive team noted that the company’s goal is to have over 20 locations in the Richmond market by the end of 2023. As the largest car wash chain in central Virginia, the company plans to stay only in the greater Richmond market and focus on monthly subscription plans. This hyperlocal market strategy will continue to increase the value of Flagstop’s monthly subscription plan to members as well as provide the most efficient use of the company’s marketing dollars.

Flagstop offers an affordable car wash subscription plan for members called their RVA Wash Club. For a low monthly charge, members can bring their vehicle in as often as they would like. Members of the RVA Wash Club always receive the best wash at any location with all of the upgrades included as well as complimentary amenities such as “free to use” towels and cleaning supplies.

Customer reviews are a strong driver of growth for the company. Customers often come to Flagstop for their service testimonials and affordable pricing, something many of them have shared about in the company’s multiple 5-star Google reviews.

“Absolutely the best place to get your vehicles clean. They offer free vacuums with drying towels for your glass and the rest of your vehicle! Join the unlimited for only $21.99 a month per vehicle. You can’t beat that price for what you get!” read one customer’s take on his experience.

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About Flagstop Car Wash

Flagstop Car Wash was founded by Bob Schrum in 1981 in Chester, Virginia. It was acquired by its management team in late 2016 when they formed RVA Wash Holdings, Inc to purchase the company. RVA Wash Holdings, Inc currently operates eleven (11) Flagstop Car Wash locations and one Village Car Wash in the greater Richmond area.

Keeping your car clean and fresh is important. Not only does it look better, but it can keep you safer and it keeps repair costs down. Having clean windows can eliminate blind spots and a clean, shiny car will improve your visibility on the road. Concealed corrosion can be caused by having a dirty car, and will lead to higher repair costs and lower resale value down the road. 

Make Sure Your Vehicle is Ready for the Car Wash

Going to an automatic car wash is a good way to protect your car‘s resale value and stay environmentally conscious. Automatic car washes reduce groundwater pollution and preserve your car’s paint and finish (and may even enhance it). Here are a few tips to prepare your car for an automatic car wash:

  1. Make sure your windows are rolled up
  2. Declutter your interior
  3. Check that the doors are fully closed
  4. Inspect your vehicle to make sure there are no holes in the windshield or headlights
  5. Check the brakes for safety!

This may seem obvious, but rolling up your windows and closing the hood, sunroof, and doors, is extremely important. Some people forget to do so and end up having their days ruined by a completely soaked interior. It’s a very preventable accident. 

If you’re going through an automatic wash, you’ll have to stop and start – so don’t do it if you have faulty brakes! For your own safety, make sure your car is in tip-top condition before taking it through the drive-through car wash.

Maintenance After the Car Wash

You should generally wash your car every two weeks. If you don’t drive often, or keep your car in a garage away from the outdoors, you can go longer between washes. Cars should be washed more often in the winter, as exposure to salt can corrode metal and cause rust. Bird waste, bugs, pollen, and tree sap can also harm your car’s paint job throughout the year if you’re not careful. 

You can also take the time to clean the interior at a car wash in order to upkeep general hygiene in the car. Your vehicle goes everywhere – and picks up germs along the way. Washing the outside and inside is a nice way to upkeep cleanliness. If you have pets, vacuuming the inside of the car is a good idea. Every few weeks, you should vacuum to get rid of dog hair, food waste, bits of dried leaves, etc. Cracking and aging can affect leather seats. They should be cleaned every 3 months or sooner if your car is constantly exposed to sunlight. 

It’s important to go to a car wash that consistently provides you with good service and makes you feel comfortable. Flagstop’s RVA Wash Club allows you to come in anytime and clean your vehicle whenever you feel necessary – and we have stores everywhere, so it’s convenient and consistent. Call 804-782-9274 to talk to any of our friendly staff members about any questions you have!