Right now, you’re probably looking over a not-so-dirty car wondering if you should wash your car today. It’s a fair question. As a car wash company ourselves, we certainly would say that any day is a good day to get your car wash. For our RVA Wash Club members, who have access to unlimited car washes for a low monthly fee, getting their car washed every single day is entirely within their plan.

How often should you wash your car?

In a blog article posted over a year ago, we talked about how often you should wash your car. We recommended washing you car about once every two weeks. For many car owners, this is a little more often than what they are used to. For those individuals who think that every two weeks is a bit much, perhaps our article about what happens when you don’t wash your car will help you make an informed decision.

Assuming that you are going to wash your car either this week or next week, now you have to decide what day in the next two weeks. Thanks to the interesting world of the internet, we can provide you with a fun way to figure that out. Spin the wheel below to test if you should wash your car today, tomorrow, or sometime next week.


Locations around Richmond, Chesterfield, and Hopewell

Flagstop has 11 locations around the Richmond, VA area. We have a location in Ashland, North Chesterfield, Chester (W Hundred Rd), Chester (Bermuda Crossroads Ln), Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, West End, Glen Allen and Hopewell.

For residents in Richmond and surrounding areas, a heavy pollen season is no foreign concept. Richmond has made it to the top of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America’s list of “Spring Allergy Capitals” for two years in a row. While we’ve been bumped down from spot #2 on the list, being #10 still isn’t something to be proud of.

Richmond’s struggle with pollen was especially heavy this year, starting as early as February with prematurely warm temperatures and quite a lot of rain. Last month, one day made it into the top 5 worst pollen days since 1988.

All of this pollen means that your car may still have a yellowish hue for a few weeks after the peak of pollen season. If you’ve read our previous blog post about why you should wash pollen off your car, you know how that can be important.

Wash Your Car Today

Flagstop has 11 locations around Richmond, Virginia where you can wash your car or have it washed for you.

Flagstop has locations in:

Many of our locations include vacuums to get the pollen out of your seats. After you’ve washed off the pollen, treat your car to a wax coating or some extra car polish car to protect your coat of paint.

Plus, with the RVA Wash Club, you can wash your car an unlimited number of times per month so you never have to worry about a dirty vehicle.