Although it’s tempting to fly out the door for your beach trip, take the time to prepare your vehicle for the journey. It might delay your head start on the highway, but neglecting to check that your car is ready for a long drive can be dangerous for you and your family.

In addition to a car wash to prevent more dirt from damaging your vehicle, we recommend checking the following parts:



If your brakes aren’t up to par, this can be hazardous as you travel. Take your car on a test ride to see whether there are any weird vibrations under the brake pedal or if there’s a grinding noise.

Regardless of the noise or motion of how the car slows down, if it seems unusual, go ahead and take it to a mechanic to get looked at.



It’s important to monitor the levels of the following fluids before traveling:

  • Transmission fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Engine oil
  • Coolant
  • Windshield washer fluid

To check these fluids, look at your owner’s manual. A rule of thumb with the brake fluid is that it should be relatively clear. Also, an easy way to check the windshield washer fluid is to turn your car on and spray it to see how much is left.

A simple spot check can detect other issues too. Consumer Reports recommends in their article “How to Prep Your Car for Vacation” to “run your vehicle for about 10 minutes until the engine is up to its normal operating temperature, then park it for a few minutes and note any fluids that may have dripped from underneath…Red liquid is power-steering fluid or transmission fluid. Brown or black fluid is engine oil. A yellowish-green liquid is coolant. A clear liquid is either water (usually just condensation from the air conditioner, which is no problem) or brake or clutch fluid.”


Battery and belts

To see if your battery needs to be replaced, you can follow your owner’s manual and fill the battery with distilled water while checking for cracks. However, if you’re not confident in doing this yourself, definitely take your car to a mechanic.

Since belts and hoses only last a few years or so, it’s crucial to feel the hoses for soft spots and cracks. Similarly, you can evaluate the belts by feeling them for worn out areas or slack. If you detect anything in the belts or hoses, visit your mechanic to have them replaced.


Tire pressure

Checking your tire pressure may be the easiest task. Some newer cars alert you if your tire pressure is low, but for other vehicles, you need to insert the pressure gauge into the air valves to see if they’re properly inflated.


We hope this was helpful as you get ready for your summer vacation! Don’t forget to swing by your nearest Flagstop Car Wash to choose from a variety of affordable car washes!

As July starts to wrap up, temperatures continue to rise to sweltering highs throughout the week, so it’s crucial to know how to protect your car from being damaged from the heat.

In this blog, we’ll give you a few tips for protecting the interior of your car specifically. Keep in mind that following these guidelines can help maintain the value of your car and save you money in the long run.


1. Cover surfaces

Simply adding floor mats and seat covers can prevent some heat damage as well as help avoid other things from wearing down your car’s interior like embedded dirt.


2. Wipe your dashboard

Cleaning your dashboard helps fight the risk of dust building up and causing scratches. We recommend using a microfiber cloth to wipe it down.


3. Crack the windows

If possible, crack your windows slightly when you leave it parked in one spot for a while. It helps level out air pressure and lower heat building up inside.


4. Park in the shade or buy a sunshade

Making sure your vehicle is parked in the shade is a simple way to help prevent your dashboard from being damaged from too much sunlight. Some people choose to go ahead and buy a sunshade to block the sunlight coming in through the windshield.


5. Use conditioner on the seats

Applying a conditioner to your car’s seats can not only keep them cleaner, it can also limit the amount of tears or worn spots in the material.


6. Get experts to thoroughly clean the interior

At Flagstop Car Wash, we offer a variety of car wash options including our full service wash which has a interior vacuum, window cleaning, dash and console wiping, wheel brightener, and triple foam conditioners as part of the deal.


You can also get a basic interior cleaning for just $10 or interior dressing for $15. If you’d like to know more about our interior car washing services, reach out to us today or swing by one of our locations!