Keep leather looking its best-Flagstop Car Wash Richmond, VA

Posted on August 19, 2014

Even though summer is coming to a sad end, the hot weather isn’t quite done with us yet.  The sun and the heat can do damage to the leather interior of your vehicle, such as drying it out and causing cracks as well as diminishing color.  In order to prevent that we offer a line of products at our full service locations to help you nurture the beauty of your car.  The professional detail products we use restore, protect, prolong and enhance the leather of your interior.  We have a pH balanced conditioner with aloe and vitamin E.   This reinforces the surface of your leather against scuffing while still allowing the leather to breathe.  It also restores and maintains a true natural scent.  Protecting your leather will not only make it look better now, but it can help resist stains and improve cleaning in the future.  Don’t wait until its too late!  Repairing leather is more expensive than the upkeep.  You may also find interior care products in our vending machines located at each of our express washes.

Leather Interior