It’s about more than just what’s on the outside!-Car Wash Richmond Va

Posted on August 22, 2014

When cleaning your car, don’t forget the inside!  One of the biggest mistakes car owners make is neglecting the interior of their vehicle.  Be sure to thoroughly wipe surfaces because soda and other liquids, when spilled, can become corrosive over time, and small particles, such as dirt and sand, are abrasive.  Remember to clean the gauges carefully using a soft damp cloth.  Do not add too much pressure or you can scratch the lenses, reducing visibility of the gauges under certain lighting conditions.  We offer interior cleaning at our three full service locations (Chester, Colonial Heights and Chesterfield).  There are also vacuums available for customer use at all eight Flagstop Car Wash locations, and additional cleaning supplies in the vending machines and lobbies.

Wiping the Dash