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#Shop Small-Flagstop Car Wash Richmond VA

Posted on November 29, 2014

shop small


Flagstop is a proud participant in Small Business Saturday, taking place this weekend.  Show your support for local businesses on Saturday and shop small for the Holidays! Like us on Facebook or browse our website to stay updated on our latest discount opportunities.  Expect to see some deals pop up this week. #shopsmall




Just say HELLO!-Flagstop Car Wash Richmond VA

Posted on November 21, 2014

Did you know…

Today is Hello World Day!  How do you celebrate Hello World Day?  It’s simple.  Get out there and say “hello” to 10 people today.  The purpose of the holiday is to spread a message of goodwill and openness to others.  It’s an opportunity to reach out to people you may have lost touch with.  It’s an opportunity to mend bridges and build again.  On that note, I challenge you!  Get out there, and make the best of Hello World Day.  One word CAN make a difference.


For more information on this holiday check out this link:

Grace for Vets!-Flagstop Car Wash Richmond VA

Posted on November 10, 2014



Fall Back!! Flagstop Car Wash Richmond VA

Posted on November 2, 2014

Good morning everybody.  Just wanted to give a friendly reminder that today is Daylight Savings time.  Fall means fall back, so turn those clocks back an hour.